Feedback: Virtual Suggestion Box

  • It's a WHOLE new world!

    We'd love to hear your quick thoughts on what you'd like Outreach Services to offer virtually. Outreach Services serves the prospective student - "the exploring stage": Should I apply? Is college right for me? Is community college right for me? Can I afford it? Why should I choose Palomar? Can I make this happen?
  • As we launch almost an entirely new department... VIRTUALLY... we thank you for your input to help us to best serve the prospective student population.
  • Quote?

    Are you interested in providing us with a quote to use in our Outreach Services website or handouts to promote our department's services?
  • Examples: Prospective Student, Prospective Parent, HS Counselor, Community Leader, Etc.
  • Thank you for your feedback!

    Please be sure to hit submit to ensure that we have received your thoughts. Thank you!