Palomar Ambassadors

Palomar Ambassadors serve as official representatives of Palomar College in varied roles. Serving on and off campus, different positions on this team provide presentations or tours, serve at information fairs, or design social media and communications to support prospective students. Our team represents Palomar College at events throughout North County, while supporting varied VIP events for the institution throughout the year on campus. Many positions make up the Palomar Ambassador team:
  • Graduate Internships
  • Internships
  • Ambassadors
  • Tour Guides
  • Welcome Center Team
  • MarComm Team (Marketing, Communications, Social Media)
Outreach team at Discover Palomar ESCONDIDO 2019
The Outreach Services department serves our prospective student population out in the community, while also welcoming them to campus. We help those who are exploring our institution, to understand the degrees, services and opportunities that Palomar has to offer.  Our prospective student audience is diverse in educational levels, from career changers to high school students, to re-entry and adult students. If they are ready to learn, we are ready to support them.
Palomar Ambassador Team is made up of individuals throughout our region with varied experience, from former transfers from any community college, to students in varied institutions in our county, to individuals seeking careers in higher education, to graduate interns. They have found meaning in supporting others in making a college goal a reality, and don't need to currently be a student.
Department Functions
Presentations in high schools, middle schools or community organizations
Representation of Palomar at college nights and college fairs
Campus tours
Communications and social media
Hands on application assistance
Future Welcome Center
Outreach Services staff at Campus Tours sign
Students giving school presentation
Employees of Outreach Services are highly motivated employees building professional relationships with prospective applicants and their families, members of the global community and various higher education colleagues. These positions seek to inspire prospective students, while promoting the college through community engagement, social media, communications, blogs, campus tours, high school visits, college and career fairs, adult-education programs and special events.
The Palomar Ambassador Team provides leadership opportunities for employees to continue to advance their professional skills, while serving the community.
All positions serve as key personnel in running the operations of the Outreach Services department and Welcome Center, performing a variety of duties to keep the department moving forward. In addition, some positions balance this work with activities throughout the community. Some positions support our social media, blog and communications operations, others are well versed in public speaking. Team members may lead and participate in projects and outreach initiatives, assist with development and implementation of prospective student events, participate in call or communication campaigns, design or write for our blog or electronic communications, lead and participate in continuous training procedures, and perform various duties to ensure the success of day to day functions of the department. All members of this team will play an integral role in designing the colleges first Welcome Center. Each position is a bit different, but all positions provide the employee with a wide variety of career experience, inspiring work and purposeful work in the academic journey of others.
Tour guide speaking to group
Application and Hiring Process
For all other positions, please submit the following by email to Deanna Shoop, Manager of Outreach Services, at
  1. Human Resources Part-time Application
  2. Cover letter explaining why you are interested in serving the college in the position(s) you have applied for and describing your experience in settings with individuals diverse in background, age and educational experience.
Individuals may apply for multiple positions. Selection for all positions will be made through a formal application and interview process. Applications will be reviewed using the Palomar College hiring policies and procedures. Interviews will be offered to select applicants based on qualifications, experience and quality of application documents.
Outreach Services staff at an info table
Resources and General Information
Palomar Ambassador Job Description
Positions are available through many sources, however the hiring procedures (above) are the same.
Internship options are available through various college and university internship programs.


Volunteers and Other Opportunities
Volunteer options available.
Have a new idea? Please contact us! Our first intern created our internship program. Now, THAT is hands-on experience!
Children on a campus tour
Tour guide with kindergarten tour
Palomar Ambassadors at an Info Table

For More Information

You may contact the Outreach Services department to learn more about this valuable work experience at any time.
Deanna K. Shoop
(760) 744-1150, Ext. 3752
Palomar Ambassadors
(760) 744-1150, Ext. 3756
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