Palomar Ambassadors

Palomar Ambassadors serve as official representatives of Palomar College throughout North County in varied roles. Serving on and off campus, different positions on this team provide presentations, tours, information fairs, and design social media to support prospective students through the department of Outreach Services.


Alan is in a red Palomar Promise shirt walking and smiling in the sun.

My name is Alan Mediorreal, I was born in Colombia and immigrated to the United States of America at the age of 6. Learned English fluently along with Spanish as it is my first language. Graduated High School in San Jose and then joined the United States Marine Corps , serving 4 years honorably. I also deployed to Australia to train and help forge a stronger relationship with our Australian counterparts. After I got out of the Marines I enrolled in Palomar College, majoring in Political Science, while also minoring in Spanish and Geography. I will be transferring to Cal State San Marcos to progress more in my educational goals. I’m aiming for working with the State Department regarding foreign relation in Latin America. Palomar is a great place to start your educational journey.

Chanti is in a red Palomar Promise shirt. She had rainbow dreadlocks and is smiling. My name is Chauntrell “Chanti” Turner. I graduated high school in 2011 from Oceanside High and live in Murrieta right now. I am a current student at Palomar College and California State University San Marcos. I have already graduated with an Associate’s in General Studies: Art and Humanities and University Studies. Currently I am working towards a Bachelor’s in Art, Media, Design while pursuing an Associate’s degree in Three-Dimensional Art with an emphasis in Glass and Three-Dimensional Art with an emphasis in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. I am a member of the Umoja Program and Vice President of the Umoja Club at Palomar. I hope to become an Art Therapist to help those find their voice and be able to express themselves through art, whatever medium works best for them. Also, to show and give them hope that it is possible to overcome your traumas and grow from them. I want to be able to have a studio that offers not only offers the basics like painting, drawing, ceramic, beading, etc. But also one that provides glassblowing, stained glass, metalsmithing, gardening, photography, and so many other things. I want workshops or classes where people can come and have a workshop dedicated to their specialty. For example, if someone is into African dance, ballet, music, or anything I don’t already have, they want to offer a three-week class. I’d make it so my clients could sign up for any workshop I have and be a part of it for their healing journey. I would like to see art therapy focus more on specific demographic groups, people with particular mental or physical illnesses, or those with social anxiety than psychotherapy because it can and will help them heal from their problems more so than talk therapy. This is something I am passionate about, and I want to be able to make this dream a reality one day.

Xav's portrait features a wonderful black dress and silver necklace.

Hi Friends! My name is Xav, and I work as an Outreach Ambassador at Palomar College. I am in my second year of the Associates to Transfer program at Palomar. My current educational goal is to transfer to a UC, and hopefully go on to get my PhD in Psychology. I love the diversity and culture at Palomar, and I enjoy spending time with the nature on campus. My favorite fact about Palomar is that we have over 31 types of gardens on our campus. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and walking my dog, Rin. I also love video games, music, and doing many different types of arts and crafts. 

Luke is smiling in a yellow polo shirt in this professional portrait.


Hello my name is Lucas. I am a former Palomar Promise student here at the San Marcos campus, and transferred to CSUSM, receiving a bachelors in media studies. I enjoy photography, videography, cooking and watching movies. I love meeting and getting to know new people, so if you have any questions please feel free to email the outreach team.

Eddie is in a red Palomar polo smiling underneath a red canopy.



Hi, my name is Eddie. I graduated high school early with 4.0. I am a very talkative person and I am working on business major with hope to transfer to SDSU to earn a master's degree. I like driving cars and off-roading. I love the desert and big dogs.


Dana is smiling in front of a orange, yellow, and blue brick wall wearing a red long sleeve shirt.


Hey everyone! My name is Dana and I am an Ambassador here at Palomar. I am currently working towards an Associate's Degree in Biology and hoping to transfer to a 4 year university in Southern California. After I graduate, I plan to go to Physician’s Assistant School and become a Physician’s Assistant. In my free time, I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, and reading. I love meeting new people, so feel free to reach out with any questions!

Emily is smiling in the sun wearing a black and red Palomar polo.




Hi, I'm Emily and I'm an artist. I try to make everything I do creative as an Art major on my path towards transferring. Born in Mexico, I speak fluent Spanish. I'm a scorpio and spend everyday living, laughing, and loving!



I’m Anthony White, an Outreach Ambassador at Palomar College. My journey, from overcoming personal challenges to becoming a dedicated advocate, drives my passion for helping others. At Palomar, I find fulfillment in guiding students through their educational journey and promoting programs like the Palomar Promise. My goal is to empower and inspire, leveraging my experiences to make a positive impact in our community.



Hi! My name is Emily ^^ I’m a student here at Palomar while also working as an Ambassador with the Outreach Department. I’m hoping to transfer to a UC school majoring in Psychology. I enjoy playing Roblox with friends, listening to music, and hanging out at the park with friends. I also like a lot 😛 Have an awesome day/night ^^




Hi, my name is Elias and I am a Student Ambassador here at Palomar College. Right now I am working towards getting a degree in the Business/Marketing area. I plan to graduate and transfer to a four-year university, ideally a place with a lot of school spirit. Some of my hobbies include watching movies and exploring new places.



Hello! My name is Devyn and I'm a member of the Outreach. Currently, I am studying communications and behavioral sciences at Palomar College. In my free time, I enjoy surfing, listening to music, playing lacrosse, and volunteering at a local charity oncology and kids. My goal is to transfer to San Diego State University and eventually start my own marketing firm that will specialize in working with non-profit organizations.

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