Application Assistance and Workshops


Application Workshops and Pop-in Assistance at Your Location

Pop-in Assistance

We can come to your computer lab or College and Career Center at your location, to offer pop-in support for students needing application help, MyPalomar or Palomar Promise help, or Palomar information assistance. This can be at any time that meets your organization's schedule, such as before school, after school, during the lunch period or during the evenings. This support to help students launch their educational journey at Palomar College, provides assistance for many of the stages of the Steps to Enroll.

Application Workshops

Application Workshops are designed to support students as they launch their educational journey at Palomar College, beginning with a brief presentation of application tips, pitfalls and reminders. The Outreach Services department provides assistance as students navigate through the Steps to Enroll. During an Application Workshop, students will be assisted with Step 1: Apply and Activate.

Option 1

Students without a Palomar ID

Students without a Palomar ID number will get support creating an Open CCC Account and submitting a Palomar College application.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* Change from previous years: Palomar ID numbers will not be issued the same day. 

Option 2

Students Who Already Have a Palomar ID

Students are encouraged to work with a parent/guardian or school guidance counselor if need be to submit the Palomar application prior to the Application Workshop in order to complete the next steps during the workshop (noted below.) Help and "How to" links can be found on this page.

Students with a previously submitted Palomar application will

  • Reapply or confirm they have applied for Fall of 2022
  • Retrieve Palomar ID number and create a MyPalomar password (if needed)
  • Complete the Palomar Placement, Pathways, and Credit for Prior Learning Survey. (Send official scores to
  • Apply for the Palomar Promise program
  • Activate Palomar student email
  • Download MyPalomar App

Request a Date

Outreach Services believes that supporting groups in applying to Palomar is a valuable resource for your students. While we know this has been a change for many of you, we appreciate your understanding that we do not have the resources as previous departments had to provide this service, so we can accommodate 50 students at once and recommend support from your institution during the workshop if possible. To help us with planning, please request an Application Workshop for your group by filling out the Group Activity Request Form. We will reach out to you to confirm a date and time. Workshops can range from 1 to 2 hours. 

What to Bring

Students will need to bring the following information with them to an Application Workshop: 

    1. Social Security Number (if they have one) or Palomar ID number (if they have one, physical copy not required). 
    2. Unofficial copy of latest high school transcript.  

We look forward to working with you and your students! 


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Under 18?
  • If you will be under 18 on the first day of classes, complete the K-12 form prior to registration.

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