Math Club

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12 (mod 7) Reasons to join the    

  1. Be in the company of peers that enjoys the same interests and passions. Make friends and connections outside the classroom. Create networks of colleagues that will aid you once you transfer from Palomar. Meet many of your palomar professors in fun settings outside of stressful classroom settings. No grades!!, just learning.
  2. Improve your math skills . Being exposed to new math, its logic, proof methods and rigour can help you have a better line of attack to tackle the questions in your classes. Or better yet, you might learn or find help from clubmates that are top of the class you are taking. No matter your level, you can always improve.
  3. You are able to enjoy math  Math is the science in patterns. Some of the enjoyment and beauty in math is recognizing how different approaches can be used to converge on a single extraordinary result (For example: 118 and counting proofs of the pythagorean thm). Or resolving what seems impossible in one area of mathematics with the tools from another. Also be exposed how different cultures and diverse people from the world have made profound contributions to this “universal” language that is math.
  4. It looks good on your resume. Any association and participation in an academic club emboldens your resume for college applications or work. It might be that networking with fellow clubmates lands you the dream job of your future.
  5. Learn about STEM career paths that use math. Or better yet, learn why we need more math grads around the world.

What does a math club do:

  • Hear exciting lectures from your professors and invited guest from Palomar and possibly industry experts in the community.
  • Watch math documentaries that explores the roots and history of math and also takes us to the frontiers of math.
  • Have problems solving sessions. Prepare for math competitions.
  • Play math board games or dive into game theory scenarios.
  • Learn about the great women and men from diverse cultures that contribute to mathematics.
  • Hold math in your hands and create new ways of understanding it with models.

Hopefully by the end of the journey you will:

(Be greater than average)

Grow your mindset and be willing to explore and discover the beauty within mathematical structures that are not typically covered in your math classes. As the map below shows, math is  vast, yet this picture is an incomplete view of all that mathematics has to offer us.

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But what about excuses like, I do not want to join because:

So be part of the most exciting club at Palomar: THE MATH CLUB!!.

For more info contact:

Meetings and Schedule:
Spring 2019
2nd and 4th Monday of the month
3:00 pm, location F-2