Setting up a New Scholarship

The Palomar College Scholarship Program was established to promote and encourage interest in education for the students planning to enroll; to reduce the student’s financial obligation and to recognize outstanding academic achievement in coursework already completed at Palomar College. One of our biggest challenges is to ensure that men and women who seek a brighter future through a college education find an open door at Palomar College.

From its early years when it established its first scholarship, the Palomar College Foundation now awards more than $400,000 per year in scholarships and book grants to over 600 students, thus providing a key to opening up that door of opportunity. The Foundation encourages gifts to support scholarships from its corporate, community and individual friends and partners. By investing in scholarships through the Foundation, you can directly touch the life of someone whose only chance to fulfill academic and professional aspirations may be through the generosity of someone they have never met.    Scholarship Video

How Does it Work

No two scholarships are exactly alike. Scholarship funds can be established to honor or memorialize a family member, business colleague, or community leader;
support academic or artistic achievement or benefit students who are in particular fields of study. The Palomar College Foundation can provide advice and assistance on how to best set up your charitable scholarship- including assistance establishing the specific eligibility criteria, deciding between an Annual or Endowed (Permanent) Scholarship, and donor participation levels.

How Do I Start?

Click on to the Donor Questionnaire Form provided to start the process. Please fill out and return the Donor Questionnaire to the Palomar College Foundation. Foundation staff will contact you immediately and work directly with you to structure your scholarship agreement to include eligibility criteria that you would like for your fund.

If you have any questions about an existing scholarship or about setting up a new scholarship, please contact Linda Moynan at (760) 744-1150 x2732.

For Students Interested in Applying for Scholarships:

Palomar College Foundation’s current scholarships and eligibility criteria can be found by visiting .