Program Goals

The purpose of the Registered Dental Assisting Program is to provide the community with Registered Dental Assistants who are capable of working with the dental team to attain the shared goal of providing the best possible care for their patients and abide by ethical principles of the Dental Assisting profession.  The Registered Dental Assisting Program is committed to giving students opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills while utilizing critical thinking as an integral part of the process as well.


  1. Prepare the dental assisting student for employment as a dental health care professional.
  2. Prepare the dental assistant to be a safe and competent dental health care professional, by being in compliance with both Federal and California state standards and regulations.
  3.  Prepare the dental assisting student with academic knowledge and skill competence to qualify for both the California Registered Dental Assistant Examinations and the Dental Assisting National Board examinations.
  4.  Provide curriculum that will offer opportunities for the dental assisting student to develop competency in basic practice management procedures.
  5.  Certify students for performing radiography procedures within the State of California.
  6. Provide curriculum that will give the dental assisting student the knowledge and understanding of the laws, professional duties, and ethical behaviors of the California Registered Dental Assistant.