COVID-19 Student Information & FAQs

Athletic Academic Counseling:
All counseling appointments will be taking place online until further directed, with the exception of the current appointments set for next week. Students can continue to set up appointments online through the athletic website or by emailing Amber directly at The lab will be closed.

Athletic Practice and Training:
All practice and training sessions are currently suspended.  Coaches have been advised to contact their student athletes and to provide online workouts and other necessary materials.  We are also working on systems to track student training hours.

Athletic Facilities:
All athletic facilities are closed.  This closure also applies to outside groups that have usage agreements.

Athletic Transfer:
We will be creating Student Athlete Portfolios for our 2nd Year Spring Athletes that have had their athletic transfer opportunities impeded.  Coaches have also been advised to contact their sports governing bodies to discuss the possibility of region wide non-traditional showcases once the Covid-19 crisis has subsided.

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