Appendix A

The listing below constitutes all public sites served on the domain that fall within the institutional, departmental, organizational categories, along with the division or group and the main point of contact. This table can be searched and sorted via the headings and pagination can be found below. Please open an ATRC Help ticket to request edits or corrections.

Site NameDivision or AreaURLFirst NameLast NameEmail
Administrative AssociationGroup
Auto Body TechnologyCTEE
AB 540 and Immigrant ResourcesSS
About PalomarS/P
Academic ProgramsINST
Career Technical Education Articulation/Credit by ExamCTEE
Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration ProgramCTEE
Active Learning LeadersINST
Adult EducationCTEE
AIS/AMS DepartmentSBS
Administration of JusticeCTEE
Palomar College AlertsS/P
Almost HomeAMBA
Arts, Media, and Business Administration DivisionAMBA
Palomar College AnnouncementsS/P
AODS Certification ProgramSBS
Asian Pacific Alliance in Higher EducationGroup
Palomar College ArboretumMSE
Palomar College Archaeology ProgramSBS
Are You ReadySBS
Palomar Art DepartmentAMBA
Palomar Arts Media LabAMBA
Assessment and Placement AssistanceSS
Palomar College AstronomyMSE
Automotive TechnologyCTEE
Palomar College AthleticsSS
Academic Technology Resources CentersSBS
A-Z IndexSBS
Behavioral Sciences DepartmentSBS
Benefits CommitteeHRS
Behavioral Health Counseling ServicesSS
Behavioral Health and Campus Wellness CommitteeSS
Boehm GalleryAMBA
Duplication and Mail ServicesFAS
Business Administration DepartmentAMBA
Business ServicesFAS
Events CalendarSBS
Comets Affordable Learning Materials (CALM)INST
California Work Opportunity & Responsibility to KidsCOUN
Palomar College Camp PendletonINST
Career CenterCOUN
Career Education ProgramsCTEE
Confidential and Supervisory Team (CAST)FAS
Palomar College CatalogINST
Chairs and DirectorsINST
Chemistry DepartmentMSE
Child Development & Education DepartmentSBS
College CouncilS/P
Comets CareSS
Palomar ConnectSS
Cooperative Work Experience and InternshipsCTEE
Counseling DepartmentCOUN
High School Counselor ConferenceCOUN
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources & UpdatesS/P
Credit for Prior Learning at PalomarINST
Counseling Services DivisionCOUN
CSIT DepartmentMSE
Career Technical and Extended EducationCTEE
Palomar College CurriculumINST
Digital Broadcast ArtsAMBA
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility and AntiracismGroup
Palomar College Dental AssistingMSE
Distinguished Faculty AwardHRS
Palomar College Diesel TechnologyCTEE
Palomar College Online DirectorySBS
Distance Education CommitteeSBS
Design and Manufacturing TechnologiesCTEE
Drafting TechnologyCTEE
Disability Resource CenterCOUN
Dual EnrollmentSS
Earth, Space and Environmental SciencesMSE
Early Childhood Education Lab SchoolSBS
Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory CommitteeHRS
Economics, Global Studies, History, and Political ScienceSBS
Emergency Medical EducationCTEE
Faculty and StaffSBS
Palomar College Empowered WomenGroup
Department of English, Humanities, and ReadingLL
English Listening Practice for Language Learners LL
Enrollment ServicesSS
Extended Opportunities Programs & ServicesCOUN
Employee of the YearHRS
Escondido CenterINST
Palomar College ESLLL
ESL Tutoring CenterLL
Ethnic Studies DepartmentSBS
Educational Talent SearchCOUN
Evaluations and RecordsSS
Electric Vehicle ChargingFAS
Facilities RentalsFAS
Palomar College Financial Aid OfficeSS
Facilities DepartmentFAS
Faculty SenateGroup
Fallbrook Education CenterINST
Finance & Administrative Services DivisionFAS
Fashion Merchandising and DesignCTEE
Finance & Administrative Services Planning CouncilFAS
Financial Aid Landing PageFAS
Fire Technology ProgramsCTEE
Palomar College Fiscal ServicesFAS
Palomar College Wellness/Fitness CenterSBS
Palomar College Food ServicesFAS
Current and Former Foster YouthSS
Palomar College FoundationS/P
Gainful EmploymentINST
Graphic CommunicationsAMBA
Palomar College GeologyMSE
Palomar College GIS PortalMSE
Palomar College Governing BoardS/P
Grant Funded Student ProgramsSS
Guidelines for Graphics Standards at Palomar CollegeS/P
Health PromotionSS
Health ServicesSS
Human Resource ServicesHRS
Human Resource Services Planning CouncilHRS
Palomar College: A Hispanic Serving InstitutionS/P
Instructional ServicesINST
Palomar College Interior DesignCTEE
International Student ProgramSS
Instructional Planning Council Hiring SubcommitteeINST
Instructional Planning CouncilINST
Institutional Research and PlanningS/P
Information ServicesFAS
Job Placement AssistanceCTEE
Palomar College Journalism DepartmentAMBA
Department of Health and KinesiologySBS
Lactation SupportHRS
Palomar College LibraryLL
Biology DepartmentMSE
Library and Information Technology ProgramLL
Languages and Literature DivisionLL
Math Across the Curriculum HolisticallyMSE
Mathematics DepartmentMSE
Media Studies DepartmentAMBA
Stay on Track with English, ESL, & MathINST
Military Leadership ProgramCTEE
Mathematics, Science, and Engineering DivisionMSE
MyPalomar UpdatesSS
North County Educational Opportunity CenterCOUN
Palomar NewsS/P
Nursing Education DepartmentMSE
Nursing Accreditation 2015MSE
Oceanography ProgramMSE
Palomar College Online EducationINST
Palomar Online ProctoringINST
New Student OrientationSS
Palomar College Retirees’ Association (PACRA)S/P
Palomar Performing ArtsAMBA
Palomar PromiseSS
Palomar Student ChannelAMBA
Public Affairs OfficeS/P
Palomar PathwaysINST
Palomar College Payroll ServicesHRS
Palomar Black Faculty and Staff Association (PBFSA)Group
Palomar College TelevisionAMBA
Palomar College Professional DevelopmentINST
Performing ArtsAMBA
Palomar College PhilosophySBS
Photographic TechnologyAMBA
Physics and EngineeringMSE
Palomar College PlanetariumS/P
Palomar Online Education TrainingSBS
Palomar College Police DepartmentFAS
Palomar College Police AcademyCTEE
Palomar Makes it Possible [Spanish]S/P
Palomar Makes it PossibleS/P
Prep Sports LiveAMBA
President’s OfficeS/P
Pride CenterSS
Psychology at Palomar and BeyondSBS
The Puente Project at Palomar CollegeSS
Ramona Community CampusINST
Rancho Bernardo Education CenterINST
Department of English, Humanities, and ReadingLL
Office of Student RecruitmentSS
Religious StudiesSBS
Campus SafetyFAS
Safety and Security CommitteeFAS
Division of Social and Behavioral SciencesSBS
Palomar College Class ScheduleINST
Palomar College Website SearchSBS
Service LearningCTEE
Student Health CentersSS
Palomar College SkillShopsSS
Student Learning OutcomesINST
Sociology at Palomar CollegeSBS
Speech and ASLLL
Office of Student Success & EquityCOUN
Student Success and Equity CouncilCOUN’
Student Services Planning CouncilSS’
Palomar College STEM ProgramMSE
Steps To EnrollCOUN
Palomar College Strategic PlanningS/P
Palomar College Office of Student Life and LeadershipSS
Student ResourcesCOUN
Student Services DivisionSS’
Office for Student SuccessSS
Social Work and Human ServicesSBS
Tarde de FamiliaSBS
Teach AnywhereINST
Teaching ExcellenceINST
Team LifeHRS
Tenure and EvaluationsINST
Test Writing StrategiesINST
Theatre ArtsAMBA
Palomar College Trade and IndustryCTEE
Title IX Resources at Palomar CollegeHRS
Teaching and Learning Center – EscondidoLL
Teaching and Learning Center – FallbrookLL
Rancho Bernardo Teaching and Learning CenterLL
Teaching and Learning Center – San MarcosLL
Campus ToursSS
Transfer CenterCOUN
Rising Scholars (Transitions) ProgramCTEE
TRIO/Student Support Services ProgramCOUN
STAR Tutoring CenterLL
Tutoring CommitteeLL
Palomar College Tutoring ServicesLL
TRIO Upward BoundCOUN
Veterans ServicesSS
Water and Wastewater TechnologyCTEE
Workforce, Community & Continuing EducationCTEE
Community EducationCTEE
Web Accessibility at Palomar CollegeSBS
Palomar College WeldingCTEE
Palomar College Cabinet and Furniture TechnologyCTEE
WordPress CentralSBS
Department of World LanguagesLL
English Department Writing CenterLL