Palomar College Website Access


The Palomar College Website provides access to information technology resources for students, faculty, and staff for education-related purposes. The website content is authored, edited, and published by a list of admins, staff, student employees, and faculty members.

Over the years, admin access has been granted to more than 500 website admins. These website admins can edit, modify, and publish content. To resolve concerns over a large number of users with admin access, as well as concerns about quality and accuracy, copyright and accessibility compliance, safety, and privacy of website content, the number of individuals with admin access must be limited.

Current Process

  1. Website access roles are limited to Site Administrator and Site Author.
  2. The Site Administrator may publish new posts or revisions to existing posts. Users with this role act as a moderator for revisions submitted by a Site Author. Limitations to this role include the inability to add, edit, or delete users.
  3. A Site Author can start a new post and edit a published post regardless of who authored it within the website. In addition, the Site Author can submit revisions to their own published posts, but they will not be able to publish them.
  4. Site Administrators act as content supervisors in that they:
    1. Review, approve and publish posts drafted or edited by Site Authors, enforcing adherence to quality, accuracy, safety, copyrights, accessibility compliance, and privacy for all website content.
    2. Administer and oversee the activities of their website team of Site Authors to ensure adherence to the guidelines, standards, and procedures set forth by the Palomar Website Guidelines.

Copyright Policies and Resources:

  1. Federal Copyright law
  2. AP 3710 Securing of Copyright
  3. BP 3710 Securing of Copyright
  4. AP 3720 Computer and Network Use
  5. AP 3750 Use of Copyrighted Material