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Transfer to a University of California (UC)

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The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum is a series of course which prospective transfer students may complete in order to satisfy the lower-division general education/breadth requirements for both the UC and CSU systems. 
NOTE: Certain campuses limit acceptance of the IGETC based on major; consult the advising guide and a counselor for further information

arrow image Minimum Requirements to Transfer to a UC

arrow image ASSIST
The official website for the public higher education system in California, including major preparation information and articulation between California Community Colleges and the CSU or UC system

arrow image The University of California
The official website of the University of California system; includes information on campuses and the official application for admission

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arrow image Application Essay/Personal Statement - Guidelines for writing your Personal Statement

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arrow image UCSD - Explore and Compare Colleges:  Roosevelt, Warren, Marshall, Muir, Revelle, and Sixth

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arrow image UC TAG Matrix  Comparison chart of TAG requirements, deadlines, and qualifications for all seven TAG-participating campuses of the UC system.



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