Palomar College

Minimum Requirements for Transfer to the UC System

1. Most UC campuses require that you be an "upper-division transfer," meaning that you will have 60 UC-transferable units at the time of transfer.  For fall quarter/semester applicants, these 60 units must be completed by the end of the spring semester prior to transfer, and cannot include coursework from the summer term immediately prior to transfer.  Winter/Spring quarter/semester transfer applicants must complete the 60 units by the end of the summer term prior to transfer.  Remember, not all UC campuses accept mid-year applications!

2. A minimum 2.4 GPA in all UC-transferable coursework is required of all California residents.  Non-residents will need at least a 2.8 GPA.  Most UC campuses and majors will require a higher transferable GPA for admission.

3. Completion of the following seven courses with a "C" grade or better; each course must be at least 3 units:

  • English 100
  • English 202 or 203, or Philosophy 200
  • One course in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning:
    (BIOL 215; MATH 110, 120, 130, 135, 140, 141, 205, 206, 245; PSYC/SOC 205)
  • Four more courses to be selected from at least two of the following subject areas: arts and humanities; social and behavioral sciences; and/or physical and biological sciences
  • Most UC campuses will require these classes to be completed no later than the spring semester prior to a fall transfer.  For those campuses open for winter quarter, these must be completed no later than summer term; for those open in Spring quarter/semester, they must be completed no later than fall term.


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