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Frequently Asked Questions for CSU Transfers

arrow image Can a student apply to a CSU as "undeclared" or "undecided"?
With few exceptions, students are expected to identify a major on their application to a CSU.

arrow image Are there any guarantee admissions agreements between Palomar College and any of the CSU campuses?
There are no guaranteed admissions between Palomar College and any CSU.

arrow image What does it mean if a school or major is "impacted"?
When a university or major can demonstrate that they usually have more applicants than space, they are allowed to use additional or higher criteria for admissions than the minimums established.

arrow image Is it OK to apply to a non-impacted major and then change to an impacted major once transferred?
No.  Students should indicate on the application the major they intend to pursue after transfer.  Universities rarely allow transfer students to change from a non-impacted major to an impacted one after acceptance.

arrow image Do students have to submit official transcripts when they submit their application?
No.  Official transcripts are usually due after acceptance and an "Intent to Enroll" is submitted.  Transcripts sould include grades from all college coursework to date, and need to be submitted by the required deadline.  Failure to submit transcripts on time may mean the offer of admission will be revoked.  Further, official transcripts from each and every school in which college coursework has been attempted must be submitted from the individual schools.  If taken, AP and/or IB test scores are also required.

arrow image Does it matter if a student has already earned a Bachelor's degree in the US or in another country?
Yes.  Many CSU campuses do not allow a student to attend for the purposes of earning a second Bachelor's degree.  Exceptions may be allowed for some high-demand careers, such as nursing or engineering.  Check with each CSU for possible exceptions to the second Bachelor's degree rule.

arrow image How will a student be viewed for admission to a CSU if he/she has attended another college out-of-state?
In order to be considered for preferred California admissions, a student needs to have complete the last two semesters prior to transfer at a California Community College.

arrow image If a student had one or more semesters at another school before Palomar College, and did not do well, does that student need to report those grades on the CSU application for admission?
Yes.  A student cannot omit prior college-level coursework.  Failure to report all coursework taken is grounds for an offer of admissions to be rescinded, or for a Bachelor's degree earned after transfer to be revoked.

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