Welding Two-Year Course Plan

For your planning convenience, please use this table as a tentative guide. Class offerings may change due to department needs. Please note that the class offerings are marked with typical days of the week that the class is offered.
D- Day classes, E- evening classes, W, weekend classes

Summer '17Fall '17Spring '18Summer '18Fall '18Spring '19
Weld 100D= M-ThD,E,WD,E,WE= M-ThD,E,WD,E,W
Weld 105E=E=
Weld 108IIII
Weld 110D= T,Th,E= T,ThD= T,ThE= T,Th
Weld 115E= T,ThD=T,ThD= M-ThE=T,ThD= T,Th
Weld 120E= M-ThE= FD=M,WD=M,WE= F
Weld 135IIII
Weld 140E= M-FE= M-F
Weld 145D=M,;WD= M,WE= FD= M,W
Weld 150IIII
Weld 160EEEE