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Skillshop: Paying For College (Cal Coast)

Skillshop via Zoom

This topic explores how you can supplement your savings by exploring grants and scholarships, including federal and state student loans, before considering a private education loan. Presented by California Coast... Read more »

Skillshop: Dealing with Debt (CalCoast)

Skillshop via Zoom

Experts will discuss how you can put together a repayment plan for existing student loan debt and properly plan for future student loans. Presented by California Coast Credit Union.  

Skillshop: Car Buying (SDFLC)

Skillshop via Zoom

Learn the financial things to consider before, during and after the process of purchasing a vehicle. Remembering that a car purchase can be one of the biggest financial decision one... Read more »

Skillshop: Employment Resumes

Skillshop via Zoom

What type of resume do you need for a job in your degree program? How do you get your resume noticed by hiring managers? How do you find jobs that... Read more »