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QuickStart Guide For Faculty: Managing Zoom Security and Students’ Privacy

Students may have some privacy concerns with respect to the manner in which some of the lectures are carried out on Zoom.  The information provided below should help you understand how to protect students’ privacy and maintain secure Zoom sessions for yourself.


Key things you will need to do

Require students to…
  • Use a password to enter your Zoom meeting
  • To be in an electronic “Waiting Room” before you admit them to class
  • Register for Zoom meetings you Invite them to (Optional)
Change Zoom Settings to…
  • Allow Zoom to generate a meeting id for you when scheduling a new meeting
  • Require a password to enter your Zoom meeting
  • Optionally Require that students register for Zoom meetings beforehand
  • Prevent Students from sharing files
  • Prevent Students from saving the Chat sessions
  • Prevent Students from privately interacting with each other (they may privately interact with the Instructor)
Please read the following important guides provided below  (click links below to view)