Palomar College Class Formats

Traditional Online/Asynchronous (Online Only)

A fully online class with no real-time meeting requirements, all content is delivered via Canvas. The instructor will set due dates for all assignments; however students can complete the work on their own schedules before the deadline. Tests and quizzes will be completed online by the students before the assigned due date. Any scheduled online meetings would be optional.

Mixed Online/Synchronous (Online Only)

A fully online experience with the added benefit of real-time, regularly scheduled classroom- type interaction. Students will not come to campus. A mixed online class will require real- time online meetings (via Zoom) that occur on scheduled days at scheduled times. Quizzes, tests, and other coursework may be completed outside of the online Zoom meetings by the due date set by the instructor. Instructors may assign tests, quizzes, etc., during the online Zoom meetings as well.

Mixed Online/On-Campus (A Combination of Online & On-Campus)

This type of class is partly online and partly on campus and includes scheduled, on-campus meetings throughout the semester as well as course instruction completed online. The course is offered through Canvas. The assignments, quizzes, and tests can be done in person in a classroom or online through Canvas and Zoom meetings.

Face-to-Face/On-Campus (In-Person, On-Campus Instruction)

A traditional form of a class with set, on-campus meeting times each week. Students and the instructor meet regularly in a classroom but can still use Canvas to deliver assignments, activities, quizzes and tests. Canvas can also be used to communicate with students outside of class and track grades.