Palomar College Class Formats


Learning that requires the instructor and students to meet in person at a set time and location. 

Fully Online

Learning that occurs completely online. All approved instructional contact hours, including online proctored assessments or course orientations, are delivered online. No in-person (face-to-face) assessments or meetings are required. Instructional contact hours for fully online classes can be synchronous, asynchronous, or a combination of both.  

Synchronous Online: Learning where the instructor and the student meet at the same time and interact through the use of technology. 

Asynchronous Online: Learning in which the instructor and student are separated by time and distance and interact through the use of technology. 

Partially Online

Learning that occurs through a combination of Face-to-Face and Online (Synchronous and/or Asynchronous).  An online class that requires any amount of Face-to-Face contact is considered a Partially Online class, this includes a single in-person course orientation, proctored in-person assessments, or any other in-person requirement. 

Note: Students are provided with the specific in-person or online course meeting requirements in the class schedule per the required Publication of Distance Education Course Section Facts. 


Learning that occurs in both Face-to-Face and Synchronous Online class formats simultaneously.  Students have the flexibility to choose to attend either in-person or online at a set time and location. 

*These class formats are included in our Administrative Procedure AP 4105, approved by Faculty Senate 10/23/23