Using Zoom

In order to hold classes during normal, scheduled times, you can use Zoom, a free tool Palomar has for online meetings.

It’s easy to install and use and works on any web browser or mobile phone. To set up your Zoom account you will need to log into the Palomar Portal ( and look for the Zoom tile and click on it. That will automatically set up your Palomar Zoom account. If, however, you don’t have that tile, you’ll need to request from the Information Services Helpdesk ( or X2140) that they add that tile to your Portal screen. Once they have the tile established in the Portal for you, you’ll need to click it to get your account set up. Students do not need an account to join or attend an event, but if they want, they can sign up at for a free, standard account.

QuickStart for Students

Test Your Zoom Connection

Zoom “Bombing” Prevention

Making a Zoom Class Feel More like a Regular Class

Simple Guides on How to Use Zoom

Southwestern College has shared the following simple QuickStart Guides with us:

Using Zoom for Online Meetings (Video Training)

Zoom Tips from Kelly Falcone