Lessons for Computer Newbies

Many of you may be thinking, “I hate computers!  I’m a teacher, not a tech-geek.”   Now you are being required to teach your on-campus lecture classes online.

I am offering a series of short videos to help you.

I’m NOT trying to turn you into an expert… I just want to teach you enough so you can take the regular training  offered by Academic Technology Resource Center (ATRC) and not be completely lost.

Short Video Lessons

Click one of the links below to watch the video.  (YouTube videos that open in a new tab/window)


Using Email


Getting Help from Academic Technology (ATRC)

Make an Appointment

Give us a call:  (760) 744-1150  x2862
(When leaving a voice message, be sure to specify your nine-digit Palomar ID number)


Teaching Anywhere


Using Zoom

Zoom is the way you can meet online with your students at the same time that your lecture class was scheduled.


Using Canvas

If you were scheduled to teach an on-campus course but then were required to switch to an online (remote) teaching modality, you are not required to use Canvas.


Wrapping it Up