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Are you interested in joining your Associated Student Government? Your Associated Student Government is recognized by the district as an official student organization. Sign up if you’re interested in serving on higher education committees, traveling, promoting advocacy rights and serving in a leadership role.

You can make a difference.


Units: Minimum of 7 units at Palomar College
*DSPS students are required only 5 units at Palomar College (Will be verified by DSPS)

GPA: Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 
*If  you do not have a college GPA the minimum cumulative GPA is a 3.0 from your previous high school

Email the office of Student Life and Leadership,, to verify if you’re eligible to join ASG.

Please note: the ASG meeting times are from 11:15am to 12:45 pm every Friday. It is expected that you will attend the entire meeting in that time frame.

Expectations and Duties

You can join as a Delegate or a Senator, from there you can be nominated to an Executive Board Member position, which would be a VP.

Duties of a Delegate:
(As stated by the By-Laws):

I. Attend at least one (1) ASG meeting a calendar month.
II. Attend a minimum of one (1) Shared Governance Committee. (NOTE: see attached the
document to choose ones that may be of interest.)
III. Attend and actively participate at the ASG committee meetings according to each
individual assignment and keep informed on information and college policies that relate
to their committee(s).
IV. Compile and abide by the By-Laws, Constitution, and Policy and Procedures

Duties of a Senator:
(As stated by the By-Laws):

I. Attend weekly ASG meetings.
II. Maintain a minimum of three (3) regularly scheduled office hours
per academic week.
III. Participate in a minimum of two (2) ASG events or volunteer events
at Palomar College per semester. (Excused during COVID-19.)
IV. Serve on a minimum of two (2) ASG committees and a minimum of one (1)
Shared Governance committee.
V. Keep informed on federal, state, local, and Palomar College policies that
relate to the general welfare of the welfare the associated students of
Palomar College.
VI. Shall initiate legislation, draft resolutions, formulate policies, develop codes
and Bylaws, and create ad-hoc committees as deemed necessary.

Other Expectations:

Participate in meetings and committee’s by turning camera on, and motioning/seconding, as well as adding to discussions.
Complete tasks and timely manner.
Stay in contact by being interactive and responsive.
Become familiar with all the Governing Documents.
Get familiar with our Goals and Vision/Value statement

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