Student Services Planning Council

The Student Services Planning Council (SSPC) develops, implements, evaluates, and revises Students Services‘ plans and initiatives, both short and long term.  The Council meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays during the academic year from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. and more frequently as needed for special tasks.

SSPC is responsible for Institutional Program Review and Planning (IPR&P), reviewing and summarizing documents and utilizing them to develop and guide recommendations for priorities for Student Services, including budget, staffing needs, equipment, technology, facilities and other resources essential to support Student Services and the success of students.  SSPC utilizes the District’s Strategic Plan and the Annual Implementation Plan to guide and outline its goals, tasks and actions to be accomplished in the academic year.

The Student Services Planning Council reports to the Strategic Planning Council and is chaired by the Vice President of Student Services.

SSPC provides guidance, direction and oversight to the following committees:  Academic Review Committee, Campus Police Committee, Registration Committee, Scholarship Committee and Student Program Eligibility Appeals Committee.  The Matriculation and Transfer Committee and the Student Equity Committee have been combined to create the Equity, Education, and Student Success Council.