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Palomar College Skillshops

Student Success Workshops

Understanding the Dangers of Credit Card Debt (SDFLC)


American credit card debt is now over one trillion dollars! Credit doesn't have to mean debt; living debt-free and establishing credit is possible, and we will tell you how. What are interest rates, and how does the recent rate increase affect your finances? Making minimum payments may sound appealing, but what are the dangers? We… Continue Reading Understanding the Dangers of Credit Card Debt (SDFLC)

Skillshop: Narrative Wellness (Health Services)


Come and Relax, Focus, and Get Creative With Us! This workshop, funded by a grant from Janssen, is titled "Narrative Wellness" and is based on the model of Narrative Medicine taught at Columbia University. In the workshop, we will do several creative exercises to strengthen our close reading (slow reading/mindfulness) and to express ourselves through… Continue Reading Skillshop: Narrative Wellness (Health Services)