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What is POET?

PALOMAR ONLINE EDUCATION TRAINING (POET) is a self-paced online course offered through our Canvas LMS that prepares our faculty to teach online.  POET is developed and administered by the Distance Education Coordinator and DE Committee as a Professional Development activity.  POET contains eight required assessments, one is a quiz, six are discussion forums, and there’s a final written assignment.

Why do we have POET?

POET is for our students!!!  Our students are why POET exists.  As faculty we want to provide the best learning experience we can to increase student success. We strive for excellence in face-to-face and online classrooms and we recognize there are many unique “best practices” for teaching in the online environment that are different from a face-to-face class, thus requiring a different type of instructor training. It is one way where faculty can be certified to teach online at Palomar College

How do faculty complete POET?

There are two ways to access POET:

  1. If you would like to earn 10 PD Hours for completing POET, then you must register for POET through the 3PD Portal.
    1. Log in to the 3PD Portal. 
    2. Use the search bar at the top of the page and search for “Palomar Online Education Training”
  2. If you do NOT want to earn PD hours for POET you can register for it directly at: https://palomar.instructure.com/enroll/GBMM7H

Note: Once you are enrolled, you will see the  POET listed as a course in your Canvas Dashboard.

What topics are included in POET?

Here’s an overview of the content and assignments within POET:

  • Module 0: Getting Started with POET
  • Module 1: Difference Between Online and Face-To-Face Courses
    • Objectives of Module 1:
      • Understand the requirements for online courses.
      • Understand the importance of building a class community.
      • Understand how students experience online courses.
      • Understand how to design successful online courses by aligning to the CVC-OEI Rubric.
    • Assignments for Module 1:
      • Title 5 and AP4105 Knowledge Check
      • Discussion: Importance of Building Class Community
      • Discussion: Your takeaways from Module 1
  • Module 2: Online Course Design for ALL learners
    • Objectives of Module 2:
      • Understand the importance of developing an online course where all students feel they belong.
      • Understand the importance of designing learning materials and online courses that are usable and accessible for all students.
      • Understand how to develop courses utilizing accessibility best practices.
    • Assignments for Module 2:
      • Discussion: Employing Equity-Minded Practices
      • Discussion: Creating an Environment Usable and Accessible for All
      • Discussion: Your takeaways from Module 2
  • Module 3: Using Canvas LMS to Provide Purposefully Designed Courses
    • Objectives of Module 3:
      • Understand what the Canvas LMS is.
      • Understand how to develop an online course using Canvas LMS.
      • Understand how to setup a Sandbox course to have a place to practice setting up a Canvas course.
    • Assignment for Module 3:
      • Module 3 contains numerous non-graded assignments and one graded assignment.
      • Non-Graded Assignments:
        • TO DO: Create Your Own SandBox Course
        • Now You Try: Edit Your Profile
        • Now You Try: Add Announcement
        • Now You Try: Create a Module
        • Now You Try: Create a Content Page
        • Now You Try: Choose a Homepage
        • Now You Try: Create a Discussion
        • Now You Try: Create a Calendar Item
        • Now You Try: Create an Assessment Item
        • Now You Try: Create a Rubric
        • Now You Try: Use Speedgrader
      • Graded Assignment
        • Discussion: Your takeaways from Module 3
  • Module 4: Completing POET
    • Final Task: Review the CVC-OEI Rubric and understand how to build a course that is aligned with the Rubric.
    • Assignment:  POET Final Assignment


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