Classroom Management Questionnaire

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Classroom Management Questionnaire

For this project I attended three classes relating to classroom management.  I noticed that most of the students were K through 12 teachers, so I took advantage of that and asked them to fill out a classroom management questionnaire of my own design.  I also sent out a general request online, through social media, for teachers who were interested in filling out my questionnaire.   I felt it would be advantageous to tap into their experiences and training, and to see how much training they had.

The responses were enlightening.  I was surprised at how little training some had, given that professionals strongly agree that good classroom management was key to being a good teacher.  I concluded that mainly new teachers were expected to absorb the tenets from their mentor teachers or to just figure it out on their own, along the way.

Most felt they were good classroom managers.  Some were experiencing challenging classes and so felt they were only somewhat good or not good at all.  I appreciated their advice and ideas on how they managed their classrooms.  I did not agree with all of it, but I did keep in mind they were teaching students younger than what I receive in my community college classroom.

In this section are:

  1. The questionnaire:  18a CM Questionnaire
  2. An exemplary response to the questionnaire:  18b Exemplary Response to Questionnaire
  3. A summary of respondents’ training and experience:  18c CM Questionnaire Results 1
  4. A compilation of respondents’ answers to questions on challenges, thoughts, and advice:  18c CM Questionnaire Results 2