Governance Structure

Finance & Administrative Services Planning Council

The Finance & Administrative Services Planning Council (FASPC) annually reviews proposed budgets for all Finance & Administrative Services (F&AS) departments, ensuring alignment with the mission, goals, and objectives of the District’s existing Strategic and Master Plans. FASPC reviews the Division’s operational processes and procedures to provide appropriate levels of service and compliance with state-mandated requirements, recommending corrective action, if necessary.

FASPC is responsible for ensuring the development, revision, and review of operational plans for all departments within F&AS for use in determining adequate staffing and resources to provide quality customer service to students, faculty and staff.

FASPC annually reviews progress on the Division’s Annual Implementation Plans (AIP) for submission to Strategic Planning Council (SPC). Committees reporting to the FASPC are: Bookstore Subcommittee; Food Service Subcommittee; Safety & Security Committee; and Facilities Review Committee. FASPC also oversees the preparation and review of the District’s Technology Master Plan. Members of FASPC shall ensure communication of action and discussion items to their appropriate constituent groups.

FASPC reports to the Strategic Planning Council and is chaired by the Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services.

FASPC Governance Structure

Palomar College Governance Structure