Statement of Ethics

(ratified May 26, 2009)

Definition of Ethics

Rules or standards governing the conduct of the members of the Confidential and Supervisory Team (CAST).

Importance of Ethics

The credibility of Palomar College confidentials and supervisors depends on the perception of honesty of all our group members. Our honesty and integrity in this institution demonstrates ethical behavior amongst our group fostering successful supervision and confidentiality in our positions. When students, faculty, staff and the public are convinced that our group is composed of honest individuals, the need for public accountability should seldom arise.

Expectations of Ethical Behavior

Supervisors and confidentials at Palomar College are committed to the principles of ethical practices, honesty and equity. We will not abridge any freedoms afforded to faculty, staff, students or the public; however, we will not willingly allow the rights and privileges of any members of the college community to override the stated best interests of the public served by the College.

As supervisors and confidentials at Palomar College, we will exercise judgment that is ethical, objective, fair, consistent and equitable. We will be transparent and consistent as leaders confronting issues and people without any bias. We will demonstrate a commitment to excellence in education without ever compromising our ethics. An unwavering commitment to integrity fosters ethical behavior amongst our group.