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First Generation Celebration: Unlock Your Career Potential with Powerful Networking Tools

Career Center (SU-17)

Join us to discover the ways of leveraging the dynamic capabilities of Handshake and LinkedIn. In this session, you will learn how to use these two industry-leading platforms to propel your networking efforts. By mastering the art of connecting on Handshake and crafting a compelling LinkedIn profile, you'll open doors to a world of exciting… Continue Reading First Generation Celebration: Unlock Your Career Potential with Powerful Networking Tools

First Gen Celebration: Professional Portrait Photography


Update your LinkedIn profile with a high-quality headshot to attract potential employers with confidence. We arranged a free professional portrait with a talented photographer just for college students like you.


First Generation Employee Journey & Networking


This gathering will feature first-generation professionals from diverse backgrounds sharing their personal stories and experiences, offering valuable insights into their journey within the workplace.


First Generation Celebration: Explore Internships and Fellowships


Whether you're contemplating an internship to gain invaluable hands-on experience or aspiring to secure a fellowship to advance your research and studies, this workshop is a good opportunity to learn about the world of professional development. This session will be offered in person and via Zoom (Hyflex)


First Generation Celebration: Como Hacer Un Curriculum De Trabajo

Escondido Center (ESC-101) 1951 East Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027, CA, United States

Su resume y carta de presentación son la primera impresión que los posibles empleadores tendrán de usted. Únase a nuestro taller interactivo para aprender las habilidades y estrategias necesarias para crear un resume y cartas de presentación atractivos y efectivos.   This presentation will be conducted in Spanish