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Automotive Technology Two-Year Course

The Automotive Technology Program offers classes in the day-time (D), evenings (N) and on the weekend (S). Please note that this is a tentative course two-year plan and class offerings may change. 

CLASS Spring’ 19 sUMMER ’19 fALL ’19 SPRING ’20 sUMMER ’20 FALL  ’20
AT 100D,N,S D, N, S D S D, N, S D D,N,S
AT 105/105L S, D D, S S, D D, S
AT 110/110L D D
AT 115/115L D D
AT 120 N D
AT 125 D D
AT 130 D, N D D, N D
AT 135 D S D N
AT 160 D D
AT 165 N N
AT 170 D D
AT 210 D D
AT 215 N N
AT 225 D D

Please note that the course plan is subject to change depending on District and Department needs & enrollment.

Disclaimer: This two-year plan is subject to change due to program changes and class cancellations.