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Meleen, Aaron Phone:  1722 Office:  PSTC Email:
Pakravan, Alireza Phone:  2505 Office:  NS-355B Email:
Lopez, Elijah Phone:  2130 Office:  RS-10 Email:
Holcomb, Arthur Phone:  1722 Office:  PSTC Email:
Romero, Torey Phone:  2405 Office:  H-201J Email:
Magana-Soto, Jennie Phone:  5355 Office:  HS-200 Email:
Bavencoff Jr., David Phone:  1722 Office:  PSTC Email:
Anderson, Ulla Phone:  2329 Office:  MD-241 Email:
Kong, Angela Phone:  3734 Office:  P-8B Email:
Marty, Kevin Phone:  2452 Office:  MD-114 Email:
Musgrove, Edward Phone:  1722 Office:  PSTC Email:
Groeneboer, Harold Phone:  2505 Office:  NS-355B Email:
Cossio, Jorge Phone:  2295 Office:  A-101B Email:
Basinski, Joseph Phone:  1722 Office:  PSTC Email:
Garcia Cital, Nallely Phone:  8114 Office:  ESC-610 Email:
Wang, Tingting Phone:  2276 Office:  AA-135 Email:
Aguilar, Leslie Phone:  2939 Office:  ST-30 Email:
Stone, Cassandra Phone:  3660 Office:  A-2F Email:
Costella, Jefferson Phone:  3082 Office:  A-101G Email:
Chow, May Email:
Abon, Emely Phone:  2289 Office:  PD-101 Email:
Groft, Natalie Phone:  2380 Office:  HC-115 Email:
Lopez, Monica Phone:  2425 Office:  MD-140 Email:
Valencia, Cinthia Phone:  2449 Office:  AA-141 Email:
Smithey-Woolwine, Cole Phone:  2316 Office:  PAC-122 Email:
Cruz Lazaro, Diana Phone:  2261 Office:  H-121 Email:
Inzunza, Jordan Phone:  8130 Office:  ESC-807 Email:
Ulloa, Karina Phone:  8130 Office:  ESC-807
Rendon, Felipe Phone:  3680 Office:  TCA-1 Email:
Cesar, Daryl Phone:  2606 Office:  MO-130 Email:
Shoup, Victoria Phone:  2564 Office:  H-125 Email:
Allen, JonMichael Phone:  2134 Office:  ESC-803 Email:
Ahinger, Kimberlee Phone:  2871 Office:  HC-115 Email:
Colvey, Taylor Phone:  2680 Office:  SSC-18B Email:
Gutierrez-Ortiz, Karina Phone:  8155 Office:  ESC Email:
Saltz, Monica Phone:  2265 Office:  NS-312 Email:
Casil, Amy Phone:  2392 Office:  H-302B Email:
Andraca Avila, Yesenia Phone:  2680 Office:  SSC-18A Email:
Pina-Bayaca, Jeanna Phone:  3008 Office:  SSC-18E Email:
Garcia, Andres Phone:  2680 Office:  SSC-18 Email:
Trauttmansdorff, Isabella Phone:  2778 Office:  H-102 Email:
Nutrition Phone:  2349 Office:  DR-5 Website:
Sherrell, Devon Phone:  1722 Office:  PSTC - Santar Place Email:
Upson, Derrick Phone:  2606 Office:  MO-130 Email:
Glassey, Anna Phone:  4482 Office:  H-118 Email:
Zeballos, Carla Phone:  8171 Office:  ESC-500 Email:
Matson, John Office:  MC-1 Email:
Kusick, Lisa Phone:  2284 Office:  AA-135 Email:
Nordstrom, Susanne Phone:  2284 Office:  AA-135 Email:

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