A short story about how I should have done more to stand up for my African American best friend in our childhood while living in a white community.
History wants to tell us that we’re different. But that’s the furthest thing from the truth. This poem details the experience of Black Americans in the past and present .
A Short Essay on Race Written to White People, from A White Woman
A letter to white people for understanding.
3 written Haikus
Expresses feelings toward confederate statues in the south.
A short essay about the death of reservations.
A poem in haiku pentameter, exploring the idea of two races trading places in presentation, lifestyle and emotion.
A Multi-Media work by Alan Lechusza Aquallo, PhD, Associate Professor; American Indian Studies. This work melds images, text and music to create powerful and profound explorations/articulations of NDN (Indian) identity and positionality. profound.
I chose to write and read a poem about the monument of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

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