“The superpower of Art is that it creates just enough distance from the object it represents to enable people to see and feel and think and understand new experiences and perspectives.”


The It’s Monumental Ending the Silence Gallery contain contributions by Students, Faculty, Staff and Community Members.  Many faculty offered students credit or extra credit to create visual art, poetry, essays and short stories.  We are grateful for their participation in making this a campus-wide conversation about ending the silences around racism in our nation.  

Each gallery has a link to a response wall.  We hope you will take the opportunity to end the silence by extending the conversation onto these response walls, reading the responses and adding your own thoughts.


Gallery of On The Street Interviews

We interviewed people all over San Diego County asking them to share their thoughts on race relations in the USA today.  Check out these candid responses to this controversial topic.

Ending the Silence Extras

Check out the many short plays and spoken word pieces that didn’t make it into the final Playlist for the live performance of Ending The Silence. This link will open a google drive folder.