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Palomar Performing Arts is a cultural and educational experience unique to North County. Our venues bring people together, enriching lives through the arts and building a sense of community. With your help, we can continue to enhance our reputation as a leader in arts education.

Your donation to the Palomar Performing Arts Circle demonstrates not only a personal commitment to the arts, but a willingness to share it with those around you as well.

Donors can choose from several levels of participation. Become an Associate ($25.00 Donation), a Colleague ($50.00 Donation), a Fellow ($100.00 Donation), a Partner ($250.00 Donation), a Benefactor ($500.00 Donation) or even a Patron ($1000.00 Donation).

Please make checks payable to Palomar College Foundation with PAC on the memo line. Palomar Performing Arts Circle donations are tax deductible. Donate online! PAC donation envelopes are available in the lobby of the Howard Brubeck Theatre, on the information table during Concert Hour, or by calling the box office (760.744.1150 ext. 2453) to have one mailed to you.

Your generosity keeps Palomar Performing Arts scholarships, programs and activities relevant and strong. We look forward to many successful performances in the seasons ahead!

Performing Arts Circle Donors

Ad of: 11/17/2020


Patron ($1000)

Carolyn Funes

Ivan & Ellen Gillis

Robert & Susan Gilson

Eileen Growth

Paul & Linda Kurokawa

Ellen & Bob Weller


Benefactor ($500)

Ibrahim & Vanessa Chishti

Rex & Tweet Edmonds

Carolyn Funes

Gayle McCutchan

John Russell


Partner ($250)

Aaron Alter

Heather Barclay

Rick Barrack

Bill & Ellen Blakeborough

Lesley Blankenship-Williams

George & Ann H Boggs

Jack & Judy Cater

Hugh & Martha Cox

Alvin Cox

Vera Eubank

Ron & Lara Hardin

Laurie McMenamin

Norma Miyamoto

Li-Anne Mufson

Linda Nyquist

Douglas Paulson

Alex Rinaldi

Susan Snow

John Valdez

Pat Walls


Fellow ($100)

Aaron Alter

Theresa Beauchamp

Bill & Ellen Blakeborough

Kathy Braumbacher

Bill & Deirdre Colburn

Luene & Norm Corwin

Steve & Kathy Crouthamel

Nina Deerfield

Helgard Deuel

Marlene & Craig Forney

Yasuko Fosket

Carolyn Funes

Peter Gach

Martin Gannon

Cecilia & Sorab Ghandhi

William & Sharon Griswold

Eileen Groth

Azim Hariri

John Harland

Billy & Cathy Hawkins

Tom & Sue Humphrey

Fellow ($100)

Hayley Janecek

Paul & Elaine Jordan

Savitha Naik

Wilma & Reginald Owens

Patricia Parker

Cynthia Poole

Jay Randall

Abby Reynolds

Minna & Michael Riber

Richard & Suzanne Rose

Metje Saffir

Sue Schaffner

Arlene Schaffner

Joe & Dana Stanford

Ying & Sujen Sun

Lynn Viall

Susan Westmoreland

Susan Zolliker


Colleague ($50)

Ruth Abad

David Baker

Bruce Baumann

Bruce & Jill Blackwell

Debrah Casto

P.J. Demaris

Helgard Deuel

Vera Eubank

Molly Faulkner

Adrienne & Robert Feldner

Melinda Finn

Philip FIsch

Ann Fradet

Martin Gannon

Gladys Ignacio

Dolores Kaluza

Alan Lasnover

Robert Lerner

Sari Morris

Heather & David Mowery

Joanna Murphy

Thema Pallares

Kathleen Papadopoulos

Patricia Parker

Bradley Penner

Minna & Michael Riber

Clare Rolens

Marilyn Starwalker