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Preparing and Rehearsing a Monologue

Preparing and Rehearsing a Monologue

Here is a suggested process for preparing and rehearsing your audition Monologue.   Read the play so you can fully understand the circumstances driving the monologue. Clarify who you are speaking to What is the charged relationship? What is the problem What is...

CHAINge Reaction Performance Info

CHAINge Reaction Performance Info

The accelerating CHAIN REACTION of extreme climate events can only be countered by an equal and opposite CHANGE REACTION of people dedicated to personal and systemic transformation.  Are you ready to be part of the CHAINge REACTION?Playwrights and Inspirations | About...

Visitor Campus Covid Screening – If you are attending a performance.

Currently the college requires all visitors on campus to take this online Covid screening. If you are attending a presentation at Palomar Performing Arts or visiting the campus. Please take a moment to fill out this easy online screening. Palomar College requires all...

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