The Modern Machine

by Nathaniel Mitchell

The sound of rivers flushing with fresh water fills yours ears, along with the sound of birds flying  all around. As you walk throughout this enchanted forest you see all forms of life all around you  including some deer as well. As you journey throughout this forest you stumble upon a small  tribal reservation out in the woods you learn about these natives and they tell you about how  the they been living in these land for centuries. They tell you stories about what has happened  out in the woods near them and the experiences they’ve loved having there. As they talk more  and more about how special their place is, night approaches they show you how alive the place  is even at night, everybody within the area is dancing, laughing, and talking. Eventually the  night does end though. When you wake up you realize you can hear sounds out further away  from the reservation, but still loud enough to hear it. As you venture out deeper into the woods  to investigate you see a timber worker cutting down trees just a little over a mile away, you ask  why only to find out they are expanding the land for more housing development. He says they  won’t be there for long and there not taking that much land up. Not thinking much of it you  return home, but as a couple of months pass by working hard you finally get the time to go  hangout with your friends that you met on the reservation. However, as you return all you find  is the remnants of tree stumps and no life, no rushing streams, no deer, no native  encampments. The only thing left is a CAT machine, tearing everything apart to put in more  housing developments, even though you thought it was sacred ground and you thought they  wouldn’t do that but now you’re looking at flat open area with nothing but dirt and wind  blowing around. What I just talked about is everything that has happened in the past and  present to lots of reservations around America they force these people off their lands and even  when they do give them a designated sacred place that the government won’t touch they go  around destroying everything near it. When the government realizes what being done to them  they just give them a couple benefits for live cheaper schooling and insurance but that’s it. No  more sacred lands to hunt on or have fun on all for developmental land.