The shape of things 

by  Chazelle Evans

If white were suddenly black

How long would it take

For the shape of things to change.

Punishment, Education

And Financial Future Secure.

Housing and Healthcare

Available now,

All hoops condense to one door

Brutal Unjust act we see…

…bad plot to B rated movie.

Single mothers won’t cry alone at night,

Food or clothes? Now all and more

Backhanded compliments and


About why one stood so near.

If there were a change

Because a switch had occurred

Would black still be one to fear

If white were suddenly black

I wonder who would go first

To  march for our rights

Would white pick up the fight?

No coin has just one side so

This change should equate

If black were suddenly white

Would we get our rightful place,

And take advantage

Of what others have at stake?

Would our spine stretch to the sky

Walking tall believing lies

I wonder if there was a

Switch,would we try to erase

Such a harmful glitch

Life is not a fairytale

There is some truth in a lie

The ugly reality,

If white were suddenly black

And of course the reverse

A sad fate would fall

The truth of the matter is

Nothing would ever change

Black would give white

400 years of pain

400 years of “that’s not your name”

400 years of “you take the blame”

The shape of things seen today

Was passed down through the ranks.

Nothing would change, we would see

the same stains,  There would just be

a shift in blame.

It would stay with us, even if a change was swift,

  It’s the Amerikkkan way.