Jacob Merrick Professor Lesperance
Multicultural Studies 100
30 April 2021

My Explanation

Dear White People

My name is Jacob Merrick, I live in Escondido, California and I am white. I’ve grown up in a city that is full of poor Hispanics. I’ve lived in the same house for 20 years and I am proud of where I’ve been raised. The city of Escondido has taught me a lot about the Hispanic culture, and I am proud to say that it is fascinating. Going to friends’ houses and just learning more and more every time. To be quite honest, I have heard some of the racist slurs and thoughts and as someone who lives around primarily Hispanics, I just think it’s wrong for people to think of these human beings like that. They are some of the hardest working people I have ever seen, and they do not complain about what they have. And to get onto a very touchy subject about how “they are taking our jobs,” I think that is absurd. They do the same thing of trying to raise their family and give them a better life and they are willing to do the dirtiest of jobs to get that done. If they are really taking our jobs, then get up and go find a job, because if someone that is not from America and doesn’t speak English can find a job, then I don’t think it should be as hard for you to find one. For another topic, that can be hit and miss, which is that “they are illegal immigrants,” I understand that they are not from America but, if that’s the only reason they should be taken back, what’s the whole point of living in a country that has rights and freedoms, the National Athem says land of the free. They come to America to work for a better life, and they help with the economy. They make an honest living and so do we, and for the people who think that they are coming over to be criminals like rapist and drug dealers, that is just an excuse for racism. What about the white people who sell drugs and are rapist, why do they get excluded from the conversation, is it because they are “from” America or is it because they are white. I am white and I know I have White privilege and it is not something I choose but, it’s something I have. So, let’s use it to help others because we know we already have an advantage so let’s all unite and become one. I may be white, but I am proud of where and how I’ve been raised.