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Are you ready to be an online student?

Online classes can be an exciting way to learn. Their convenience and flexibility appeals to many students, but they are not for everyone. Students drop-out of online classes at a higher rate than in-person classes. This is often because they do not have the proper equipment or, more importantly, the personal skills and habits required of online students.

Ask yourself the following questions, then click the "Find out more..." button after each question.  Your answers to these questions may encourage you to register for an online class, or to rethink online education as an option for you.

Do you have the time?
Do you have access to an  Internet-connected computer? 
Do you have the necessary basic computer skills? 
Do you have the necessary learning skills?
Are you self-directed? 

After answering these questions and reviewing the material presented in the “Find out more” links, you will have a good idea whether online classes are a good fit for you.

We at Palomar College want you to feel good about participating in the exciting world of online education, and we also want you to be prepared, to understand what it takes to succeed.  We are here to help.  Use our contact links if you need help getting registered, have technical difficulties, or need counseling.  Once your class begins, remember to email or call your instructor if you are having problems or need help understanding something.


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