Sohaila is a world renowned professional Belly Dance artist with over 35 years of Belly Dance performance and teaching experience. She’s an award winning director and choreographer and has performed on major entertainment stages across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, with extended stays in Mexico City, The Middle East, Egypt, Syria, Dubai, Jordan, and Greece. She has been featured as a top solo performer in venues that range from cruise ships to dignitary events. She has received instruction and training from a diverse set of world famous dancers and teachers from the Middle East. Sohaila was also featured in Time Magazine in April 2005 and in Cosmopolitan Magazine in August 2005.

She has her own company, Sohaila International Promotions, dedicated to promote Middle Eastern Dance at its finest. Sohaila has published several widely referenced instructional DVDs and books on the classical Egyptian dance and Folkloric dance styles and techniques including, “Near and Middle Eastern Dance workbook”, “Abcs of Belly Dance Costuming, Ideas and More,” and “Belly Dancing, A Holistic Dance.”

Sohaila is committed to passing on her knowledge to her many students through patience and encouragement.