Since starting to study dance (jazz, ballet, modern, and hip-hop) seriously at the age of 15, Ericka has been driven to perform and to create pieces that speak about the world she lives in. Ericka made her 2000 choreographic debut with Fingers N the Hood. The piece toured 5 inner-city areas in San Diego (The Urban Village, Encanto Boys and Girls club, Chicano Park, Centre City, and North Park Community Center) receiving the Union-Tribune Critic’s Choice Award and extensive television coverage. Funkalosophy was her second full-length show created in 2002. Funkalosophy revealed how the hip-hop subculture contributes to an activist dance theatre, while empowering youth and others with a voice concerning their political and social issues.

Ericka has been a professional dancer for Eveoke Dance Theatre since 1997, performing in over 17 full-length shows as a principal dancer for Eveoke and has danced with the Colette Harding Contemporary Dance Company and with Peter Kalivas in the PGK Project Dance Company. Ericka is also a seasoned music designer and has worked with Eveoke Dance Theatre, Stone Soup, and Sledgehammer Theatre.