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Author: Steven Buriek

Steven is a first generation American with Argentinian roots and a bearded chin. Since the Fall semester Steven started with raw talent as a staff writer for the telescope newspaper. He is now editor for the Arts & Entertainment section. Steven will graduate from Palomar this semester aspiring to transfer either to SDSU or Cal State Long Beach. A beer and food aficionado. He loves soccer, is an avid surfer, low profile vocalist, and big party person. He love's his weekends more then women love Nutella.

Athletes are the machines, Athletic trainers are the mechanics

Behind every Palomar athlete there is a separate entity responsible for keeping them primed at peak physical performance. The Palomar athletic training facility has been…

Featured image: Philip Farry/The Telescope | All Rights Reserved

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Palomar student dies in car accident leaving behind girlfriend, daughter

Palomar College student Andrew Truesdell, 23, died in a car crash in Rancho Bernardo on April 6, leaving behind his longtime girlfriend and 3-year-old daughter.…

Featured image: The Telescope Newspaper | All Rights Reserved

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