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The Telescope Newspaper Staff — Fall 2022

Trina McLeary/ Editor-In-Chief/Sports Editor

Image of Trina McLeary in a tree with a camera around her neck.
Trina McLeary Courtesy Photo

Trina is a Journalism and Web Dev student who is passionate about photography, music, travel, and technology. She hopes to transfer to San Francisco State and eventually start a media company that focuses on underground and alternative cultures. In her free time, she likes to shoot local concerts, play with creative software, and watch bugs.

Carina Arenas/Social Media Editor

Staff Writer Carina Arenas
Carina Arenas Courtesy Photo

Carina Arenas is attending Palomar College and is majoring in journalism. She hopes to transfer in the Spring of 2023 to a four year university and become a long form documentary correspondent. In her free time she enjoys listening to music, going to the gym, being outdoors, and exploring new places

Ryan Marlowe/Photo Editor

Photo of Ryan Marlowe
Ryan Marlowe Courtesy Photo

Ryan Marlowe is a journalism major at Palomar College who hopes to use the power of the written word for the benefit of people and the planet. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys taking photographs and spending time at the library.

Sarah Naldrett/Arts Editor

Image of Sarah Naldrett outside looking at the camera.
Sarah Naldrett Courtesy Photo

Sarah Naldrett is a second year student at Palomar. She is currently studying illustration and has plans to transfer to a UC in the near future. Her goals are to graduate with a bachelors degree and work in game design art and concepts specialization. In her free time, she enjoys pottery and crochet.

Alex Ortega/News Editor

Alex Ortega at the beach with his camera and tripod.
Alex Ortega Courtesy Photo

Alex Ortega is a freshman at Palomar studying journalism. He is working to transfer to SFSU to get his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and become a combat correspondent. In his free time he enjoys surfing, traveling, and practicing photography.

Max Cruz/Staff Writer

Headshot of Max Cruz
Max Cruz Photo Courtesy

Max Cruz is a third-year student at Palomar. He is currently studying journalism and hopes to transfer to SDSU to continue his education. In his free time he lifts weights, listens to music, and avidly watches professional wrestling.

Emmanuel Garcia/Staff Writer

Image of Emmanuel Garcia standing in the foyer of a large building.
Emmanuel Garcia Courtesy Photo

Emmanuel Garcia is attending his second year at Palomar college. He plans to transfer to a UC institution by the fall 2023, completing his bachelors in journalism. Career wise he hopes to accomplish the goal of writing for Rolling Stone Magazine, and later become an English teacher. In his free time you can find him at one of his two jobs or hanging out with his dog

An image of Lucia Skinner looking at the camer with her hand on her cheek.
Lucia Skinner Courtesy Photo

Lucia Skinner is a second-year student at Palomar College. She is a computer science major.  In addition to the STEM courses, she is taking both fashion and journalism courses.  Prior to returning to college, her career centered around infrastructure and project implementation for large healthcare and distribution companies. She aspires to work with artificial intelligence in the future.





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