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Current Staff


The Telescope Newspaper Staff — Spring 2020


Victoria Price/ Editor-In-ChiefVictoria PriceVictoria Price is a third-year Journalism major at Palomar College. She plans to transfer to Cal State Fullerton to continue studying journalism in hopes of working for an entertainment publication. In her free time, she enjoys attending concerts, visiting Disneyland and writing about music.


Ana Acosta/News Editor

Ana Acosta new

Ana Acosta is a Journalism and Communications major in her third year at Palomar College. She hopes to transfer to UCLA or Cal State Long Beach to receive her bachelors. Ana’s dream job would be to work as an investigative reporter, either writing for local or national newspaper.  In her free time, Ana enjoys learning about environmental issues and sustainability, embroidering, and listening to music and podcasts.


Natalie Lopez/Assistant News Editor
 Natalie LopezNatalie Lopez is a fourth year student at Palomar studying journalism. She hopes to transfer to SDSU to major in journalism and become a sports broadcaster and journalist. In her spare time, she likes listening to music, hiking outdoors and spending time with her family.


Summer Aguirre/Sports Editor

Summer AguirreSummer Aguirre is a journalism major at Palomar. She plans on transferring to ASU in spring 2021, and hopes to pursue a career as a tennis reporter. In her free time, she likes to draw and paint, run, and play tennis.


Erik Lennox/Assistant Sports Editor

Erik LennoxErik Lennox is a young prospering journalism student who has passion for sports. Erik hopes to transfer to SDSU and obtain a degree in journalism. In his spare time he studies soccer, basketball and American football avidly. He also is a big nerd for video games and Star Wars 


Kiana Teixeira/Photo Editor

Kiana Teixiera

Kiana Teixeria is a third-year Photojournalism major at Palomar College. In the future, she hopes to transfer to SDSU. Kiana’s dream job would be to travel the world, take photos and spread awareness about little known issues. In her free time, she likes doing impromptu photoshoots with her friends and playing video games.

Krista Moore/Social Media and Arts and Culture Editor

Krista MooreKrista Moore is a Mass Communications major in her fifth year at Palomar College. She hopes to be a part of a baseball social media team. For fun, she watches baseball and hangs out with her dog Mr. Fluffy.


Jordan Spurgeon/Online Editor

Jordan SpurgeonJordan Spurgeon is a broadcast journalism major who is completing his bachelor’s at the Arizona State University. He hopes to become a Major League Baseball beat reporter. For fun, he enjoys skydiving and hiking.

Rick Contreras/Copyeditor

Rick ContrerasRick Contreras is a second-year Media and Communications major at Palomar College. After this semester, he plans to get a job using the skills he learned while serving in the Navy. He enjoys listening to podcasts, writing, photography, watching movies, and playing video games. 

Jasmeen Arechiga/Staff Writer

Jasmeen ArechigaJasmeen Arechiga is a Communications major in her second year at Palomar College. She hopes to transfer to Arizona State University and work in the broadcast industry as a reporter or producing. Outside of school, she likes to read, stay active or spend time with her friends. 


Bryce Aston/Staff Writer

Bryce AstonBryce Aston is a third year at Palomar studying broadcast journalism. He hopes to achieve an AA and begin working immediately. In his spare time he enjoys reading up on recent news in the sports world and working out.


Adel Bautista/Photographer

Adel Bautista

Adel Bautista is a life-long learner.  She earned an AA in Information Systems and an AA in Computer Network Administration-Microsoft Emphasis at Palomar College.  Adel is presently pursuing an AA degree in Photography.  Her photography work is housed at Adel is a Student Database Administrator and Student Information Analyst retiree from Escondido Union School District.


Max Cruz/Staff Writer

Max CruzMax Cruz is a freshman at Palomar studying journalism. He hopes to transfer to SDSU and become a sports journalist. In his free time, he likes to play video games and play baseball.

Enrique De Leon/Staff Writer

Enrique De LeonEnrique De Leon is an investigative journalism major. This will be his last semester at Palomar College but he is very excited to be a journalist for The Telescope. He hopes transfer to SDSU or CSUN next fall. His overall goal is to move to Los Angeles and be part of the new wave of journalism. 

Kyle Dyer/Staff Writer

Kyle DyerKyle Dyer is a Broadcast Journalism major in his third year at Palomar College. He hopes to be a play-by-play announcer for the football, soccer or basketball. For fun, he loves to play video games, ride motorcycles, attend sporting events, read and cook.


Corinne Ellis/Staff Writer

Corinne EllisCorinne Ellis is a sophomore at Palomar studying Communications. She hopes to transfer to CSUSM in the fall of 2020. In her spare time, she likes to go to concerts and Disneyland.

Eddie English/Staff WriterEddie English

Eddie English is a returning student in his first semester at Palomar College. He hopes to create his own personal media content and be a host of his own show someday. Eddie enjoys reading, movies, games, and spending time outdoors.

Cameron Eshelman/Staff Writer

Cameron EshelmanCameron Eshelman is a Palomar College freshman currently majoring in journalism. She hopes to become a reporter or a writer some day. Her hobbies include horseback writing and producing music. 


Abigail Gomez Aranda/Staff Writer

Abigail Gomez ArandaAbigail Gomez Aranda is a Communications major who hopes to transfer to CSUSM. Her hobbies are playing piano and reading.


Takashi Harada/Staff Writer

Takashi HaradaTakashi Harada is a fourth-semester Palomar College student from Japan. He wants to transfer to BYU in Utah state to learn about communication. In his free time, he likes to play sports and play video games.


Hunter Henrikson/Staff Writer

Hunter HenriksonHunter Henrikson is a Journalism major in his third year at Palomar. He looks forward to transferring to CSU Monterey Bay and finishing his education. When away from Palomar, Hunter works and enjoys training his St. Bernard puppy. 


Shayna Lanier/Staff Writer

Shayna LanierShayna Lanier is a freshman at Palomar studying journalism. She hopes to further her current career in a women’s footwear company and someday use her writing for a business and career of her own. In her spare time, she likes to go to concerts, hike, go to the beach, cook, and paint. 

Shea Mehnert/Staff Photographer

Shea Mehnert Shea Mehnert is a Palomar college student who is currently studying Photography for an associate’s degree. She has been a photographer for six years, who was orginally self-taught before her passion led to formal training. She is a fine art botanical photographer in both digital and alternative processes. In her spare time, Shea is learning to play the violin. She also loves gardeningand painting.

Nancy Maldonado Hernandez/Staff Writer

Nancy Maldonado HernandezNancy Maldonado Hernandez is a sophomore at Palomar college studying to be an english major hoping to transfer to SDSU.  She is also working full time at family dollar as an assistant manager, and will start an internship with the Vista Unified school district in teaching. On her free time she likes to go to local indie rock shows.

Nick Ng/Staff Writer

Nick NgNick Ng is returning student at Palomar studying journalism and has particularly interests in writing about science, health, and history. He wishes to improve his written and oral communication skills while working on his own online publication. When he’s not diving into another PubMed paper, Nick enjoys salsa dancing, weightlifting, and learning Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.


Triniti Nowicki/Staff Writer

Triniti Nowicki

Triniti Nowicki is studying English at Palomar College in her sophomore year. She is transferring to Northern Arizona University in the fall, planning to become a teacher or writer with her degree. She likes to travel, paint landscapes, and photograph on her free time.


Amber Robinson/Staff Writer

Amber RobinsonAmber Robinson is a transfer student in her last semester at Palomar. She hopes to transfer to PLNU and attain a journalism degree. In her spare time she runs a cause-based theatre non-profit and enjoys helping her fellow veterans struggling with PTS, PTS from Military Sexual Trauma and transition anxiety.


Jen Schildge/Staff WriterJen Schildge

Jen Schildge is a sophomore at Palomar studying journalism. She hopes to transfer to San Francisco State and become an entertainment journalist. In her spare time, she likes to skateboard and travel to new places.


Colton Webster/Staff Writer

Colton WebsterColton Webster is in his second semester studying journalism at Palomar. His goal is to obtain an associates degree in journalism by spring of 2021.