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The Telescope Newspaper Staff — Spring 2023

Cyndi Cunningham gazes at the viewer, wearing a black hoodie with pink linings.
Cyndi Cunningham Courtesy Photo

Cyndi Cunningham is a journalism major at Palomar, focusing on community and culture. She plans to transfer to Cal State San Marcos next year to pursue her degree in media studies. In her free time, Cyndi can often be found watching anime, gaming, or spending time with her husband and cats.

Alex Ortega/News Editor

Alex Ortega Courtesy Photo

Alex Ortega is in his second year at Palomar studying as a journalism major with the goal of transferring to SFSU and becoming a correspondent. He likes to spend his spare time surfing, practicing photography, going to concerts, and traveling.

Maria Martinez/Social Media Editor

Maria Martinez Courtesy Photo

Maria Martinez is in her second year at Palomar pursuing a communications major. She plans on transferring to a four-year university to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. In her free time she enjoys gaming, going on adventures and watching baseball.

Luke Choy/Sports Editor

Luke Choy Courtesy Photo

Luke Choy is a junior at Palomar College and is majoring in journalism. He hopes to transfer to a four-year school while continuing to cover sports. In his free time Luke enjoys playing basketball, watching a movie, or attending Padres games.

Yanna Baradin/Staff Writer

Yanna Baradin Courtesy Photo

Yanna Baradin is a communications major at Palomar College. She is set to graduate from Palomar this spring and plans on transferring to a university. She loves a good movie or a great book. Her hobbies include outdoor activities, such as boating, swimming, and riding ATVs. She has a broad range of interests, including news, science, technology and art. She has a passion for traveling to new places.

Elizabeth Rivera/Arts Editor

Elizabeth Rivera Courtesy Photo

Elizabeth Rivera is a journalism major in her last year at Palomar College. She is working hard and hoping to transfer to San Diego State University, as its Journalism program is known to be excellent. When she has her days off from work, she likes attending the Padres games or going out to bars/restaurants with friends. Elizabeth hopes to gain work experience in any given field of journalism, mostly to be a voice for those who don’t have one.

Victoria Gudmundson/Staff Writer

Victoria Gudmundson Courtesy Photo

Victoria Gudmundson is a journalism major and ceramics student at Palomar College as a lifetime learner. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature at Chapman University and decided to return to school for a different writing experience before pursuing her master’s in creative writing. In her free time, she enjoys all forms of art, reading science fiction, and playing with her dogs .

Rachel Hyman/Staff Writer

Rachel Hyman Courtesy Photo

Rachel Hyman is a journalism major in her second year at Palomar. She has just entered the newsroom for the first time this semester, and is excited to be part of the Telescope. Aside from school, she works as a waitress/bartender at a popular burger restaurant and enjoys her free time doing anything fun outdoors. After this year, she plans to transfer to a Cal State school to pursue her journalism career. One day, she hopes to travel the world covering current events.

Josh Miranda/Staff Writer

Josh Miranda Courtesy Photo

Josh Miranda is a film/TV/media major and is in his second year at Palomar. His interests are in writing and photography and intends on transferring to a four-year school. In his spare time, he jams with his friends and takes street photography.

Javier Moreno Colon/Staff Writer

Javier Moreno Colon Courtesy Photo

Javier Moreno Colon is in his first year of Palomar College. Not only that, but he is majoring in journalism. His focus is particularly set on investigate journalism. In his free time, he loves to listen to music, skate and be creative in many ways. Lastly, he loves to pursue the truth people deserve.

David Ramirez/Staff Writer

David Ramirez is a communications major in his second year. He enjoys traveling, music, and fashion. He hopes to transfer to SDSU to become a news anchor.

Garrett Lickfett/Staff Writer

Garrett Lickfett Courtesy Photo

Garrett Lickfett is a meteorology major in their second year at Palomar College. A trombonist for Ambassadors of Soul, woodworker, and tinkerer, Garrett hopes to shed light on Palomar performing arts and STEM programs.

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