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Category: Theater

“Mani Desti, que? What’s that?” – Manifest Destinitis, a wonderfully funny work of satire

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a telenovela was filmed in front of a live studio audience? If so, then you’re…

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Manifest Destinitis, a symptom of colonialism, arrives at the Howard Brubeck Theatre

As more students take a stand against colonialism, Manifest Destinitis arrives at Palomar to offer a different type of critique through comedy. Manifest Destinitis, a…

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Palomar Concert Band is Bringing the Roaring 20s into the 2020s

Saturday, March 25th at 7pm. Join the band for a nostalgic night of celebration, featuring classic music and performances by the Palomar Tap and Jazz Dance Troupe.

Featured image: Trina McLeary | The Telescope | All Rights Reserved

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