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The Faculty Dance Concert

During the performances on Friday May 19 and Saturday May 20, the dancers were able to express themselves through a variety of different dance genres featuring Hawaiin, Tahitian, Ballet Folklorico, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Cuban Mambo, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, and more.

The director of the show, Patriceann Mead, has been a part of the department for the past 26 years teaching dance classes on campus along with directing numerous performances.

“I’ve always loved directing and producing shows starting with my undergraduate studies leading to my graduation in New York City,” said Mead. “Even as a child, I directed shows in my backyard gathering all the neighborhood kids to be in my shows.”

Mead described the faculty dance concert as “an opportunity for the community to see the amazing faculty that we have here in the dance program and to give students an opportunity to perform in faculty choreography.”

“I get to work closely with my colleagues that continue to amaze me with their work and I’m honored to work with them,” said Mead.

Palomar College student Eva Repková has participated in the dance program for the past two years. She explained how “I believe that dance is also healing; some people are dancing to express their emotions more because they can’t really explain them. When you’re dancing, you forget about all your struggles, and for performers, it’s important for us to put the audience in a different mindset.”

Repková described how “the teachers are so welcoming and will always encourage you to dance. At first, I thought I was going to be dancing for fun but with the encouragement from my teachers, I found my passion for dance.”

She has been able to motivate herself to stay fit. “For example, in the summer when we don’t have classes, there are summer workshops and dancing for fun with your friends,” she said.

Her biggest challenge as a new dancer has been keeping up with other performers who have more experience than her.

“But I would have to say the performers are super nice and the teachers are very educated and the way they give us corrections on our dances is pleasant, making you feel good about yourself,” said Repková.

Mead concluded the interview by saying “The concert is a major performance that the faculty members and students look forward to every year. Not only that but it’s a capstone of the Performing Arts Department at Palomar College.”

Mark your calendars to attend the performances this weekend on Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m.

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  • : Courtesy of Palomar Performing Arts Department | Used With Permission

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