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Palomar’s Star Photographer Student

From May 4 to May 10, Dominic Brown hosted his own art show located at Palomar College. Brown was happy to share his goals and experiences during his time studying photography.

Dominic Brown described his time planning and setting up his show as crazy. “Hosting my first-ever show was crazy to me. The time leading up to the opening day came so fast it was crazy,” Brown wrote. Brown mentioned that a critical decision he had to face, was selecting the photos he wanted to showcase. When it came to setting up the photos, he said it took him a while to figure it out. “I had to measure the wall to find the center point to put my first image.”

After his hard work in setting up his gallery, he was ready for the opening day. “Then when it came to opening day, I felt relieved and was ready to show my friends and family that came to my opening day which was May 4, 2023.”

The photographs Brown decided to showcase were ones taken in Downtown San Diego. Brown chose the topic of Downtown San Diego because he was born and raised nearby. “I was trying to show what my hometown was all about. To also show people who haven’t been here before the beautiful sights and scenery,” Brown Wrote.

When asked to describe his favorite type of shots to take, he responded that it was a tough decision. “I like to try a little bit of everything. I would say automotive photography, portrait photography, landscape, culture photography,” Brown wrote.

Brown first started to find interest in photography in 2018, from here Brown began photographing his high school sporting events. When he wasn’t photographing high school sporting events, he liked to take pictures of his brother. “It showed me how to view the world in a different way and aspect.”

Brown also shared that he has earned an internship at the San Diego Tribune, which he credits his education for. He will be working with one of their photographers, Howard Lipin.

The first project Brown has been involved with over the years is the San Diego car community. The second project he committed to was fires that occurred in the San Diego County area. Brown’s last project represented San Diego County area through photography.

While Dominic Brown loves photography, he does hold a main job that doesn’t involve photography. “I plan on doing something on the side of real-estate photography or portrait photography.”

His goal at Palomar College was to expand and continue furthering his photography career. On May 26, Brown will be graduating from Palomar College with a certification in photography.

Palomar College continues to give its students the opportunity to showcase their work through art shows. Student exhibitions are located in the F30 building. You could find the latest and upcoming art shows produced by students on Palomar College’s website on the Photography Department web page.

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