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Brief interview with aspiring Photography and Astrophysics student, Gavin Hasinsky.

Photography student, Gavin Hasinsky launched an art show May 11-17, located in the f/30 gallery.

Hasinsky is a great example of one who expresses himself creatively through photography but also pursues a dense subject

The Telescope had an opportunity to speak with Gavin briefly regarding his art show and a bit about his creative and academic background.

Telescope: What is the title of your gallery? What was the inspiration behind its creation?

Gavin: The name of my show is The Color of Emotion. It’s a study on how colors or lack thereof can create different vibes within a photo, I just wanted to experiment with colors and black and white and how they can invoke emotional responses. I’m doing self-portraits using masks that I designed.

portrait of man with blue and white face design
Self-Portrait taken by Gavin Hasinsky, exhibited at his F/30 show “The Color of Emotion” May 11-17, 2023

…I took inspiration from artist Gillian Wearing. Who uses a lot of masks in her own work to show we as individuals put on masks and somewhat fake identities when we present ourselves to society.

Telescope: What is your creative background?

Gavin: I’ve been working with photography for about a year now but this is my first semester on campus at Palomar College.

Telescope: You’ve been virtual all this time prior? What are your academic goals?

Gavin: This is my fourth semester, yes. I’ve been online before this. I was majoring in history before this. But that has recently changed to physics and photography. After this semester, I’ll be switching over to Mesa College to finish up my associates and then hopefully transfer to UC for astrophysics.

Telescope: Do you wish to continue to pursue photography?

Gavin: I do. However, want to try and continue taking photography here on campus because I do love the photography department and the community that comes with that.

Gavin’s academic path and aspirations are a great and inspiring reflection on Palomar’s variety of students. We look forward to his creative and academic pursuits!

Image Sources

  • : Photo courtesy of Gavin Hasinski | Used With Permission
  • Gavin Hasinsky: Photo courtesy of Gavin Hasinsky. | Used With Permission

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