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Comets of the week

SAN MARCOS – This week’s comets of the week are baseball player Ian Halverson and softball player Allyson Amato. Both were asked how they felt about winning this award. Coach Craft also speaks about her softball player Amato.

In an interview over via email Halverson said, “Honestly I feel that this award could have been given to any one of my teammates as we are a great team, but I am very grateful to have been chosen. This award means a lot to me as it was my first time being chosen.”

When asked about his inspirations and his future plans, Halverson said, “My teammates inspire me to be successful as they constantly push me to be better every single day. My future plans with baseball are to win as many games at Palomar as possible and to see where the game takes me.”

In an interview via Instagram, Amato stated, “Winning this award just shows how hard I have worked to be where I’m at. To see myself continue to improve is rewarding in itself.”

When asked about what inspires her, Amato stated, “My teammates, as well as my family, inspire me to keep going. My teammates have my back no matter what happens and their support and positivity makes it easy for me to go after my goals, the same goes for my family.”

Coach Craft spoke about Ally Amato’s contribution to this season in an interview via email.

“Ally has been a consistent starter for us this season in the line-up. Her bat has contributed a lot – offensively, she is one of our most consistent hitters, she is a tough out, drives a lot of runs in for us (she leads the team in RBI’s – 41), and also hits for good power with 10 doubles, 3 triples and 5 home runs.” She said.

Both Amato and Halverson are excited for the future and thanked their teammates extensively for their hard work as well.



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  • Comets of the Week: Photos courtesy of Cara Heise | Used With Permission

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