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Wavelength devoted to full spectrum beer

Drink a beer in outer space while looking down at the orbiting earth.

New Wavelength Brewing Company in Vista owned by bearded Hans Haas, 34, gives you a threefold experience of science, technology and music.

Still in beta phase when Hass spoke with The Telescope, Wavelength was making the final touches to its minimalist tasting room in preparation for the Grand Opening on March 21, launching to full function with the kickoff of their “T-Minus” Belgian Blond Ale.

Ten years ago Haas’s wife bought him a home brew kit that onset the start of his mad scientist brewing passion in his humble kitchen.

“She bought me that brew kit, in a way it’s all her fault.” Haas said.

That home brew kit was the planting seed that allowed Haas’s success of brewing exceptional beer’s to blossom into his idea of Wavelength. A brewery that now uses a three barrel system, has six fermenters and 12 taps. Haughn and his wife Amanda now jointly own the soon to be fully functioning brewery.

He added that he worked with Head Brewer James Petti to renovate an old 1940 antique store into an avant-garde style brewery. The two men did a huge portion of construction themselves. After picking up a few handyman skills at his previous employer Sound Image, Haas said he was reluctant to pay.

“It was trading time; I didn’t want to take low quality,” he said.

To separate himself from the rest of the beer community Wavelength follows the motto of “full-spectrum beer” and “it’s so good it Hz (Hertz).” Wavelength likes it all, light to dark, malty to hoppy, mild to strong flavor and strive to encompass as many beers as possible in their regime.

“With so many beers in San Diego, we go by the motto of full-spectrum, beer-making a direct effort to offer variety. We don’t want to specialize,” Haas said.

Placing a modern branding on this brewery, it was installed with a top-notch, audio system, a projector with a continuous streaming of Earth from an ISS (International Space Station) taken from the HDEV (High Definition Earth Viewing) experiment.

The experiment gives a live view of the earth from commercial HD recording equipment in space traveling 17,150 mph around the world. Wavelength transcends the beer-drinking experience, as you drink a brew in space orbiting the world from sunrise to sunset in less than three minutes.

Joseph Goodman, 21 a DJ and producer for music projects Mutiny, Fresh Outta Fuxx and Squelch spoke with The-Telescope about his high regard for the brewery.

“I’m a fan of the whole aspect of connecting technology and sound. They serve the best smoked porter I’ve ever had.” Goodman said.

Wavelength will be open to host a myriad of clubs, bands and live music of all genres. Haas will soon have décor of astrophotography to add to the ambiance of the minimalist type tasting room.

Because the City of Vista does not allow dancing at venues without a cabaret license, music must be kept to a certain level. Haas said he has figured out how to bypass all these regulations so that music-centric brewery can keep their guests entertained.

“I want it to feel like an industrial concert hall. If sound is a problem, give me a decibel unit and a distance, you can listen to it,” he said.

Astronomy will be a big part of the brewery; Wavelength plans to bring out solar telescopes and digital microscopes from OPT Telescopes so beer-drinking guests can have an outer world and science based interactive experience.

Although Wavelength has not started large distribution, they do plan on expanding when the time’s right.

“First place is going to be Churchill’s,” he said. “Just a keg or two here and there, purely based on supply. With only a three barrel system, if we send out a keg, that’s one sixth of our supply. We are taste-centric as of now.”

The brewery is located at 236 Main St. in Vista.

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