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New Interactive Tool to Help Comets Understand Their Educational Path

Palomar College announced the launch of the Palomar Pathways Mapper last summer.

This new interactive tool guides students to a field of study that will help them achieve their college objectives within a reasonable timeframe. The mapper helps students choose their path to an Associate’s degree, certificate, transfer to a four-year institution or gain the skills needed to start their career.

One helpful feature include the ability to review certificate and degree program maps that show you the semester-by-semester course plan from start to finish. It also features information on occupations, careers, salaries and the demand for workers in your chosen field.

The founder of the Palomar Pathways Mapper tool is Media Studies Department Chair Wendy Nelson. She said several reasons inspired the creation of the mapper, but the main reason was for “student success and helping them plan their journey at Palomar.”

Another inspiration was due to an updated funding formula made by the Chancellor’s Office a few years ago. Based off of the completion numbers, Palomar saw room for improvement.

Nelson said by by creating these maps, Palomar will be able to help students see where they need to begin, how they can finish and when classes are offered. She hopes that this will “increase the number of students that are completing our degrees and certificates.”

Palomar College student William Guajardo said that even though he has not used the mapper, “it could help plan your courses in a timely manner.”

He added that most of the students he knows are not sure about what they want to major in.

A suggestion he made was adding a questionnaire prior to using the mapper. That way it could plug in answers, and sort them into a certain category of work or interest.

Guajardo said that this survey could be beneficial to take before deciding on a major.

“That’s why so many people including myself have switched majors more than once,” Guajardo said.

There will be future improvements made to the Palomar Pathways Mapper. Nelson explained some updates they would like to add include a four-year completion time frame, a UC option to the transfer list, and specific maps for students that are only interested in transferring to California State University San Marcos and adding the next two years there.

To access the Palomar Pathways Mapper, click here.

For more information regarding the Palomar Pathways Mapper and creating a personalized education plan, contact (760) 891-7511 or visit the Palomar College Counseling Department Page.

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