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Broke Boys 2K19 Car Meets

On Sept. 10, the Broke Boys 2K19 had partnered up with the car community in Mira Mesa near the Barnes & Nobles to organize an event called “Cars and Elotes.”

Mr. Brokeboy, the CEO of “Brokeboys 2K19,” had a dream he made a reality as he orchestrated an event like no other. With the sole intent of showing off and expressing his love for cars and motor vehicles of all shape and sizes, there was no discrimination among cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Mr. Brokeboy said that the event is “to show the entire community of San Diego our passion and love for cars, that the culture was alive, strong, prospering, and it wasn’t going away anytime soon.”

The love for cars has manifested into something big for Mr. Brokeboy, who owns a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse—his “baby,” he calls it. However, his dream car is a Mitsubishi all-wheel drive GSX.

With Cars and Elote as an event to simply to let people hangout and meet new people. Mr. Brokeboy hopes to share the same love he holds for cars with the entire car community. With all this talk about cars you might be wondering as to how fast he might have ever gone himself? The fastest Mr. Brokeboy has ever gone was at a racing track in Apple Valley, Calif. in his Mitsubishi Eclipse at 150 mph.

His inspiration ranged from other car groups and organizations, such as Overdue, Team Hybrid, and Voodoo Ride. All these car enthusiasts groups are what formed in his mind for this organization and shaped his loved for cars.

He strives to take Broke Boys 2K19 to the next level with strong connections, bigger events and making this brand stand out around the globe. He wishes to create a legacy for years to come, and this is only the beginning for Mr. Brokeboy and Broke Boys 2K19.

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