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Author: Edward Rosa

Ed Rosa is a returning staff writer for The Telescope. In addition to writing mostly record reviews for The Telescope, as his alter-ego, Zero Charisma, Ed is one of the superstar disc jockeys at Palomar College's own KKSM. A self-professed art snob, Ed is a bon vivant, who spends his time carousing and going to shows, when not slaving away on some project trying to finish his education.

Cranking up a ‘High Voltage’ retrospective movie review

The films “Crank” and “Crank: High Voltage” are like mainlining insanity while flying blind on a rocket cycle. “Crank” (Neveldine/Taylor, 2006) and “Crank: High Voltage”…

Featured image: Telescope Staff/The Telescope | All Rights Reserved

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