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Capsula keeps rock ‘n’ roll more alive than dead on new live LP

“Dead or Alive” is the first live LP from red hot rock ‘n’ roll outfit Capsula. Live is how I discovered them, and if you haven’t done the same, now is a hell of a time to do so.

The record captures the vibrant, raw energy that they bring to the stage in a fantastic collection of songs that span their career. It has often been lamented in recent times that rock & roll is dead, or dying. “Dead or Alive” renders the question immediately moot.

Capsula is a power trio comprised of Martin Guevarra (vox/guitar), Coni Duchess (vox/bass), and Ignacio Guantxe (drums).

Originating in Buenos Aries, Argentina, the band later relocated to Bilbao, Spain where they are currently headquartered. Although the band seems to spend so much time on the road, one questions how much time they actually get to spend there.

The band started when Martin and Coni met and bonded over their love of David Bowie and Lou Reed. Not bad fuel for starting a rock ‘n’ roll fire by any means. But they were merely the accelerant that would propel the band to generate the explosively combustible music they create.

Frequently the subject of praise from music critics attending festivals that the band plays, Capsulas’ live show can’t be hyped enough.

One hits a point where the hyperbole spewed forth upon any would-be convert becomes inefficacious as a result of the volume of said praise. The only thing for it is to go to the show.

I defy any fan of live rock music to not fall in love with this band by the end of their first song. Now that isn’t to say that this is one of those situations in which a band is fun live, but then fails to deliver on record.

On the contrary, Capsulas’ records are some of the most vital collections of real rock ‘n’ roll out there. They just also happen to be able to blow your mind again in a live setting.

That is why “Dead or Alive” is such a great record. You get the best of both worlds … almost. Nothing other than going to another show can truly recreate that feeling.

The taste of gin and beer. The intoxicating mix of the smell of cigarettes and cloves wafting through the night air that intermittently breezes through the club. Air which you cherish the arrival of so sweetly because the heat generated by the crush of bodies in front of the stage is keeping the ambient temperature in the room slightly warmer than that which you dressed for.

And of course rock ‘n’ roll. Raw, real and loud as hell. The most vital positive force known to humankind.

At the end of the night, you exit the club. It’s way later than you should be up, you are drenched in sweat with no clue how much of it is actually yours, you bought one more drink than you should have, your ears are ringing, and your throat is raw from screaming in approval all night. And you are still smiling the next day.

That is Capsula. Their music isn’t just great, it’s necessary. “Dead or Alive” is a crucial chronicle of one of the most incendiary bands out there at the zenith of their vitality. “Dead or Alive” from Capsula. Don’t forget about it, get about it.

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